Monday, February 1, 2010

how to download youtube video free

Now you can download all your favorite videos to your computer. It's never been easier to download youtube videos.

Since is such a popular video hosting and sharing site that many youtube video download methods and youtube video download tools are required and created, although doesn't provide any direct download tool for users. As far as I know, you can at least download youtube video through 3 ways:
 Direct Download through web browser (mainly extensions for Firefox)
 Download via third-party sites
 Download in specific YouTube Video Downloader

How to Download YouTube Video - DownloadHelper extension for Firefox Download Here
Today, I will mainly explain how to download youtube video by firefox extensions. Please try other youtube video download methods yourself. First open the above hyperlink in Firefox and Click the "Add to Firefox" button. In the pop-up dialog, select Install Now. You may need to restart the Firefox for the DowloadHelper extension to take effect. Next, open the youtube video you want to download and locate the following buttons:

Click it for corresponding commands. You could even download several video files from YouTube at once. To do so, simply select a region in a YouTube page containing links and right-click to display the context menu. A new entry offers to download all video files.

More Methods to download youtube videos
The Third-Party sites for youtube video download:

Part 3: How to Convert YouTube Video

The previously mentioned YouTube Video Downloader and DownloadHelper extension for Firefox are actually youtube video converter at the same time. However, if you want to burn youtube video onto disc, DVD Slideshow Builder is also a practical converter for youtube video. And the process is highly similar with DVD burning of youtube video. The only difference is that you select another output method. That is to say, after you have finished editing youtube video to burn onto DVD, you could then convert the youtube video to other formats, including

*.MP4 (ipod/psp)
*.AVI (windows)
*.WMV (windows)
*.3GP (cell phones)