Friday, July 22, 2011

Solutions Convert MTS to MP4

Solutions for converting MTS to MP4

HD camcorders are readily available nowadays and people prefer to use it to record special moments in their life. However, the format used in these recorders is MTS or M2TS, which is not what most popular players such as Apple TV, PSP and iPods use. Therefore, users are always on the lookout to convert MTS to MP4.

Fortunately, there are several converters available to do the job for you. Some of them are free tools while the professional converters are paid versions. The process of conversion employed is fairly straightforward in most converters. Another advantage is these tools do not bind you to any particular operating system. You will get converters for your purpose, irrespective of whether you are a Windows user, a Linux user or a Mac user.

For converting MTS files to MP4, it takes just four basic steps. That is, if you are converting the file as a whole. However, you may want to do some editing before the final conversion, in which case, the number of steps will be more than the basic four.

As a start, you will need to download a suitable converter that is compatible to your system, and install it in your system. Run the converter program, drag and drop the MTS files into the program. Another way of doing this would be to go to the 'Files' menu and 'Add Video Files', to open the MTS files you want converted.

Next, you will have to tell the program the output format that you want the MTS files to be converted. The program will usually have a formats drop-down list, wherein you can select MP4 from the Video Formats section.

At this point, if you want to select only a specific segment of the MTS clips for editing, you can do so and trim the clip to your requirement, before starting the editing. Use the editing tools in the software for editing the video files before starting the conversion.

Once you are satisfied with the editing, the final step is to hit the 'Convert' or 'Start' button. The rest of the job is done by the software. It converts all the MTS files into MP4 files, automatically. If you are not happy with the conversion, you can change the settings in the software and repeat the process, until satisfactory results ensue.

Therefore, it is only a few clicks that are required to convert MTS files to their MP4 counterparts. The converted MP4 files can now be enjoyed in any of your popular players.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tips of photo recovery

Tips of photo recovery
There is an important role of the photos in our life. Our memories of sorrow or pleasure remain alive by the photo. Now days it is being using many modern camera to catch a picture, and it has become very easy to keep the pictures with us for a long time. There are many modern product are using to catch a picture, such as the digital camera, mobile phone, web cam etc. by these thing we can easily catch the pictures and keep the in the memory card for a long time. But sometimes the photos would be corrupted and deleted accidentally. It could happen in the computer, digital camera, mobile phone and often things which are used for catching picture. Some times it becomes the major problem when many important photos tile are deleted or corrupted from the memory card of the p.c, mobile phone, digital camera or other things. But there is solution of this problem first, has to plug to device of the computer and carefully to see windows on the Mac operating system of the computer. But there is a condition if the windows does not recognize the deuce and tells it is a hardware problem. First has to disconnect the device and has to take it out then the necessary is has to see the data recovery service. If the device is recognized and asked has to format then the answer will be ‘no’ 2ndly we have to immediately stop the using camera which is corrupted. Because if we use the camera we may lose all the popes and it will be worse to us. So, the important thing immediately stopped to using the corrupted camera and has to find the solution of this problem. In this reason we can add that we shouldn’t reformat the device because may not solve the problem which happens in the first place. If we open the device it would not helpful to recover the photos. Most of the digital cameras these are not wipe digital pictures from the storage media if we delete the image or the storage media of he camera is corrupted there will be a message “media is not formatted would haw like to format now”? It is recovered the photos works with various kind of direct camera connections when the media card appears as a drive letter on the p.c. when the camera is not displayed as like a drive letter when it is connected to the p.c . It can be use in digital camera card redden. When it is a question how the recover deleted photos do has to recover fast and easy. There is no technical. Still is required to recover the deleted photos. So, recovery deleted photos is very necessary to us. Here is mentioned some product that can easily recover the deleted photos which very necessary to us. To recorder the defected photos finest need to fully recover photos from overall data loss situation has to read only. Easy to use and cost-effective photo recovery and more click hear.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Apple Hardware Review

What do I Pods, Mac Books, I Pads, I Phones and I Macs all have in common? The answer in one word is style.
Every piece of hardware that Apple designs and Manufactures oozes style. So let’s briefly look at some of the products in closer detail.

The I-Pod Touch
The I Pod touch, Nano and Shuffle tend to be more that able to handle all of your multimedia needs the I Pod touch getting all the technology from the I Phone including touchscreen navigation and super retina display that causes it to be impossible to determine the pixels on screen. A double camera that may be switchable when being used enables you to see your buddies what you're seeing when on the go. Gaming sensitivity continues to be enhanced within the latest version so responses are often thought and passed in. The Nano has got the same touchscreen with it you can include album art, and make playlists based on the tunes you prefer, with Radio there's never any reason to become without your favourite music. The Shuffle includes a massive 2gb of memory to help you download tunes and playback for hrs without needing to repeat an audio lesson.MAC Books
The latest addition to the Mac book range is the Mac book air ultra thin and extremely light coming in two sizes 11 inch and 13 inch the Mac book air weighs in at just 3 pounds and boasts all the technology that the larger heavier versions have.

Apple has revolutionized the screen display making it so thin but yet so clear and crisp. If a larger display is needed then it is possible to connect to HD television extended battery life has been worked in too with up to 30 days in standby mode possible, Flash memory has been used to create the space needed for these extra life batteries. The touchpad has been redesigned so that all navigation and control is done with finger gestures no buttons to click.

The I- Phone
Full of features the I Phone is really a phone leading the means by wireless technology. Video calling touchscreen navigation, voice control, music playback either I tunes or streamed it's all possible using the I Phone. Extra programs that may be bought in the apple store can change your I Phone right into a fully fledged word processor or spread sheet which makes it an important mobile office tool. Surfing the net and emails are handled very easily along with the camera and video recording abilities of the phone is a that rivals are attempting tough to emulate.

The I Mac
The I Mac all-in-one completes the road up provided using the latest Apple Pentium quad core processors the I Mac is really condition from the art. New Thunderbolt technology continues to be put into give blisteringly fast data speeds and a chance to daisy chain the technology enables for approximately seven additional peripheral devices to become added. Input products are wireless so that all the desk top clutter is prevented having a wireless keyboard, mouse and touch pad the I Mac comes provided with a range of Hard disk drive having a 500gb or 1tb drive with respect to the model bought.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

flv convert tips

FLV files have become extremely popular and widely used by the internet for many reasons including, the format is secure, it is not able to be downloaded, edited or transcoded. While this is not wanted for some situations which is releasing content for the public archiving and remixing, great for the online use.
Are you having some trouble or a problem in uploading the video in the AVI, for instances, you may convert the AVI to flv for making the upload job unobstructed. The following will help you to go through and assisting you to do the job as easy as possible. It applies the AVI to flv Video converter platinum for the windows and the AVI to flv video converter for the Mac to do so. The two converters may finish the AVI to flv task in just a few steps. The Free download, install it on your PC and see if how simple it will make an AVI to flash video conversion on the windows.
Maybe you had downloaded some FLV videos from the YouTube site, but they cannot be played through your portable media devices like the iPhones and iPod. The professional are recommending for you to use FLV to AVI converter software- Xilisoft FLV Converter, you can finish the task with the super-fast speed beyond your imagination.
Simple steps are as follow to make it easily for you to master on how to convert FLV to AVI with the powerful FLV Converter software.
• Free download the powerful and easy to use Xilisoft flv converter, you may install an launch it.
• Add your downloadable FLV files from the file menu in batches.
• Choose the proper output folder and the profile Avi format
• Start the FLV to AVI video conversion.
The following are the tips that you have to remember, and you have to use in conversion.
• You can split the large FLV file into several single files. The various splitting ways like the customing time length or files size you want are offered freely.
• The FLV to Avi converter will automatically detected your CPU configuration and the multiple tasks will be implemented with the multi-core CPU.
• Easy to use interface makes your operation easily, if you are a novice. Furthermore, the expert of the FLV to AVI converter software will provide many advanced options for the seniors.
It is a user-friendly interface and fast conversion to speed makes the whole FLV to AVI conversion much easier. Why not give a try.
Tips on AVI to flv converter:
• You can also define the output file location of the AVI to flv Video Converter platinum by clicking the tools to preferences.
If you will convert flv to MPEG, you need flv to mpeg converter, which is an easy to use tool which helps you convert the videos from the format of flv to MPEG in just some step away. With the flv to MPEG converter, you can also easily convert video between all kinds of the other formats and extract audio from your video for the convenience and the enjoyment.
The tips for converting flv will be depending upon on, which of those you will convert.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Difference among DVD Formats

We have received some questions related to DVD formats. We have briefed all these questions and answered them in the following article. These questions and answers are your guide to know more about DVD formats and the difference among them. We are going to mention how do users recognize which DVD format is compatible with their DVD drives, and why are there numerous formats for DVDs?
What are the existing types of DVD Formats?
Simply our answer is; there are so many different formats such as, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM.
Why there are many DVD Formats?
The vital difference among existing formats is based on which standards the company applies.
What do these formats mean?
We call +R, -R, -ROM, +RW, etc, physical formats. They describe how data is written or stored on to the disc itself. And here you are some more information about them.
The difference between + &- signs
The plus formats have the same data storage capacity as the minus formats (4.7GB), but DVD+RW provide faster writing than DVD-RW, better internal linking and suitable for drag-and-drop files, which makes it easy to build the contents of DVD disk.
DVD+R are a recordable format .It is writing-once format that intended to be well-matched with most of DVD players. But once you burned it, the data cannot be erased. DVD+R are used for archival purposes only.
DVD+RW are a re-recordable format. The data on a DVD+RW disc can be deleted and recorded many times without ruining the disk itself.
Of sure, DVD-RW discs are cost more than DVD-R discs.
DVD-R is a recordable DVD format like DVD+R. It is writing-once format that intended to be well-matched with most of DVD players.
DVD-RW is a re-recordable format like DVD+RW. You can delete the data on a DVD-RW disc and re-record it many times without ruining the disk itself.
DVD-RAM are more helpful, however, since it allows you to remove and retype on a specific sections of the DVD, this is not applied with DVD-RW. But they are compatible only with devices that produced by the manufacturers that provide the DVD-RAM format.
DVD-ROM was the first DVD format in the DVD world and is a read-only format. The DVD is compatible with any DVD-ROM-equipped device.
Dual layer technology gives the ability to record on two layers on a single side of the DVD disc.
How do I figure out what format my drive compatible with?
If the drive type is DVD-RW, you're going to use DVD-R and DVD-RW format discs. You cannot use "plus" formats, since those won't be suitable for your drive. Check your drive name to decide which format you are going to use. Use the System Profiler application on Mac to get information about your drive. Select application then "utility" then "ATA".
Data-burning software
of sure burning software has to enhance the DVD format you want to use .For Windows, you can get GEAR for burning CDs, but in case of burning DVD you need to get GEAR Professional Edition.
Now you have a good base of information about different DVD formats. So you can take the decision when it comes to the point of buying DVD discs.

Dvd Slideshow Building Made Easier

Slideshows are fun to create and can make good gifts for anniversaries and for use at proms, weddings and countless of other events. How exactly can you make a dvd slideshow?
What do you need to create a dvd slideshow?
• A computer to work on
• Images saved up in your hard drive or accessible through a device plugged onto your computer
• A slideshow building software
• Dvd to store your slideshow
Dvd slideshow building programs
Most likely you already have Windows Movie maker installed on your computer system, if you are using a Windows operating system. If you don’t have Windows Movie maker or you are using another operating system, you can download a DVD slideshow builder online.
Dvd burning programs are usually equipped with the option to create slideshows. Check whether your Dvd burning program has the option before downloading any other software.
Dvd slideshow burning process
After you have made sure that you have all the necessary tools you can start the dvd slideshow building process. The first step would be to start up the dvd slideshow builder you have on your system. These programs are designed to promote usability and are equipped with wizards to help you create your slideshow with ease. The program will most likely prompt you to locate the images you want to include in your slideshow. After accessing the images you can edit them and include text and transition elements to create the slideshow. After you have completed the slideshow building process the program will help you burn the slideshow to a dvd or you can simply store the slideshow on your system.
How to build a breath taking slideshow
Just like the way a movie has a beginning, middle, end and high and low notes; so should your slide show. Create a story using the images. You can use text to tell the story or an audio narration. Use audio elements that translate to the mood expressed by the images through music and any other audio elements availed by the dvd slideshow building program.
What next after building a dvd slideshow?
Let everyone see what you have created, after all images are meant gto be viewed. Make several copies and give them out to your family and friends. Dvd slideshows are also great for re-unions, proms, weddings, anniversaries and any other event which celebrates a journey through life. The slideshow can be played on a display screen at such events.

Festival DVD Slideshow Software Features

Learn about Festival DVD Slideshow Software and it`s Feature
The moments when family`s members come together are the most important times in our life. At those moments we all expect a joyful party full of fun and happiness. Sweet cookies, impressive decorations and wonderful music band, all these are good but we need something new. Festival DVD slideshow as a background for the party is more exciting and must be able to attract eyes and touch the hearts. By reading carefully the following sentences you will gain knowledge about slideshows idea and the important features of perfect DVD slideshow software.
Learn about festival DVD slideshow applications
Festival DVD slideshow is the best way to share memories on TV, web, PC and mobile devices. Different Slideshow programs such as DVD Picture Slide Show Maker, DVD Photo Slideshow Professional and especially DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe have the capabilities to help you make DVD videos out of pictures, photos and lovely music.
Personally I use DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe; it let you produce a DVD video which you can display on TV, create FLV slideshow to upload on the web, and construct a special slideshow for mobile use. This software enjoys multiple features which make it one of the most prominent applications in producing creative and impressive festival slideshow.
You can make use of these slideshow ideas
You can produce cool, and freighting, slide shows to shock others on Halloween night.
Creating animated Thanksgiving gift Slides with songs for Kids is good idea.
You can generate high definition Wedding DVD gallery slideshows and display on TV.
Consider making slideshow for Birthday song.
Precious Pictures of birthday may be collected in an impressive slideshow.
Use your creativity to make a HD memorial graduation musical slideshow.
Create a unique homemade and handmade festival DVD slideshows and present them as gifts.
Do not forget to produce a baby image slideshows.
What you need to create your awesome slideshow?
All what you need are a perfect DVD slideshow software, your valuable pictures and your wonderful music. You have to pick the perfect festival DVD slideshow software that enables you to create awesome slideshows. Select the application that let you turn static pictures into delightful DVD movies and generate slideshows on cell Phones, with music and stylish effects.
The key features of perfect DVD slideshow software
DVD Slideshow software featured with different qualities such as easy to use, background music, many transition effects, and editable text showed on picture is the one worthy to get.
Easy and Fast
Pick slideshow application that has Wizard-style interface; Drag-and-drop feature to compose your content; One-click DVD burning with fast compression.
Hollywood-like DVD Movie Making
If the suggested software is 3D movies made easy and pre-designed festival themes to match different slideshow purposes it will be good choice to let you make a wonderful 3D movie.
If the software enables you to touch up videos& photos with crop, rotate tools and special effects for example Old Picture and Inverse then pick it. Most slideshows programs have a Custom transitions/motions for unlimited creativity.
Share DVD Slideshow Anywhere
Your slideshow application should enable you to share your slideshows On TV, on web and on cell phones .And supports all regular formats like MP4, AVI, MOV.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Watching Video on the iPhone

The iPhone is an idea device to watch video on than any previous version of the iPod because of its bigger screen and landscape orientation.
iPhone, with its 3.5 inches screen, is have the best video experience for watching videos. Once you convert video to iPhone compatible formats, you can watch everything including a purchase, rental, or DVD.

The screen will automatically change to a horizontal orientation when you begin watching video on an iPhone. This replicates the horizontal format of TVs and shows the best display of video. It works well generally, but it will cut off the edges of the image for some videos and display a smaller, letterboxed picture. That’s not a terrible thing; it would be wonderful if the playback were smart enough not to force viewers to make it.

Maybe it is a complicated thing for those people who watch movies that benefit from a bigger picture. Letterboxing will not influence intense character-driven movies actually, but one of my test movies was Transformers which surely increases in impact if it gets bigger. I have to choose the letterbox display and its attendant smaller image, so that I can see the whole picture and not lose the edges. Though this may dampen the excitement of certain parts of the movie, it is worthy of seeing the whole picture.
Generally speaking, video looks and sounds great on the iPhone (This is determined by the encoding of the video partly). And movies purchased or rented from the iTunes Store would be excellent.
That’s would be a little taxing for you to hold your iPhone in your hands for a long time to watch a full TV show or movie. You should be holding the iPhone a few inches from your face , and at just the right angle(a little tilt in one direction of the other can make the image too light or too dark), for quite a while. With Transformers, I was clutching and tilting my iPhone for over two hours.
Some iPhone cases try to help with this by including built-in stands. I’m not sure I see the value of this since that assumes that you’re watching the movie in a place with a flat surface. If you’re in such a place, like a home, why not watch the movie on a TV (with adapter cables) or computer?