Monday, September 20, 2010

free video editing software

What's the Best Video Editing Software for You?
If you’re looking for some great video editing software that also happens to be free, look no further. Before you start, however, I have a word of warning. The disappointing thing about free video editors is that there aren’t really any equivalents of Photoscape or Audacity. There is definitely awesome video editing software out there, but unfortunately you’ll have to pay for it. If you are going to edit on a regular basis, think about buying a program - check out the trial versions of Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas or dvd slideshow software Who knows, you might be impressed enough to decide it’s worth the cost.
What can video editing software do for you? With video editing software, it's possible to create and share either funny or touching videos, which may carry precious memories of friends and family. Good video editing software offers practical tools to capture, organize, edit and share videos. And HD video editing software gives you a chance to enhance your camera/camcorder HD videos and to burn to DVD for watching on TV or long time saving. Recently, I have reviewed several good video editing software in the market, most of which is HD or free video editing software, but free video editing software with professional video editing effects is a priority because video editing is to share and most free video editing software will fulfil this need, and easy to use.

Free Windows Live Movie Maker - Less Powerful, but Easier Than Ever

Windows Movie Maker might be the easiest video editing software. It's the free video editing software that comes with Window system from Windows Me to Vista. Now, you get Windows Live Movie Maker - the latest free video editing software for Vista and 7. Most video editing software adds increasing numbers of features, but not Windows Live Movie Maker. The team developing Movie Maker studied that most video editing users want to edit the videos quickly and easily share with others. So they decide to trim down unnecessary features to build a superb easy video editing software for beginners.

Windows Live Movie Maker uses a ribbon-style interface. It simplifies movie creating/editing and lets you share with friends and family in a flash. When you are satisfied, save movies to WMV or directly publish to YouTube and Facebook. It's dead easy to use that targets the basic video editing market. I suppose it be good free video editing software, without advanced features as DVD Slideshow Builder and Sony Vegas Pro.

Note: Run Windows Live Movie Maker by: Start > All Programs > Windows Live. If not there, download the free video editing software here and install first.
DVD Slideshow Builder - Combines Ease of Use & Advanced Features
Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is not free video editing software. It's the commercial SD and HD video editing software for amateurs and hobbyist. Today is the HD era. More and more cameras and camcorders support high-definition video recording. DVD Slideshow Builder supports both SD and HD video editing, and lets you turn digital photos/videos into home movies DVD with menus for watching on TV, web and devices.

DVD Slideshow Builder has a wizard-like interface. You can import your contents, make some editing and finally convert to video or DVD. It's the step-by-step thing. For video creating and editing, just import your videos, and you will find them on Storyboard or Timeline. With the built-in editing tools, you can trim video, apply filter effects, add animated titles, voice over, and complete other basic video editing tasks.

The supported HD video formats of DVD Slideshow Builder includes AVCHD (MTS/M2TS), TP/TRP/TS/M2T and HD MOV/ HD MKV/HD AVI/HD MPG. Unfortunately, DVD Slideshow Builder doesn't provide Blu-ray DVD or HD DVD Burning. As the intermediate video editing software, DVD Slideshow Builder balanced the ease of use and advanced features, but less powerful than professional video editing software like Sony Vegas Pro 9.


iMovie '09 - Free Video Editing Software for Mac
If you are a Mac user, there are no reasons not to try iMovie '09. It's free video editing software for Mac that works seamlessly with iDVD for burning videos to DVD. The iMovie '09 offers a new interface for high efficient media management, video editing and organizing memories.
iMovie '09 has a lot of features and capabilities. To make/edit video, import from your Mac, or directly from camera, camcorder, and then, it's simple to add a green screen effect, music tracks or creative titles. Many graphic templates and transitions are included in iMovie '09. HD video editing is also supported, but the same as DVD Slideshow Builder, it doesn't burns Blu-ray DVDs. Overall, if you are a video editor looking for advanced features and precise control, iMovie will frustrate you, but it's the top video editing software for beginners on Mac.

Note: To open iMovie, click the pentagram icon in the dock, or go through Finder > Applications, select the icon to open iMovie. Not found on Mac? Download mac video editor here.

Sony Vegas Pro 9 - Professional Video Editing Software
Sony Vegas Pro 9 is the most professional video editing software among them. Initially, Sony Vegas was just audio editing software and now developed to powerful video editing software for professionals. It provides a tough platform for video editing, that simplifies your video editing and speeds up your video workflow. All these make Sony Vegas the high-priced (Over $500) but cost effective video editing software.

Sony Vegas Pro 9 is fully-featured. It offers an efficient and intuitive environment for professional video and broadcast production with precise editing tools, superior audio control, professional workflow for 32-bit & 64-bit systems and powerful Blu-ray disc authoring. Like DVD Slideshow Builder, Sony Vegas supports both SD and HD videos with drag-n-drop functionality. Plus, it burns videos to Blu-ray DVD with subtitles, multiple languages and special features. In a word, Sony Vegas Pro 9 is the all-in-one professional video editing software. Get it here. Conclusion

Video editing software
lets you enhance your videos and adds final touches such as titles and special effects before sharing with the world. Both Windows Live Movie Maker and iMovie are free video editing software for beginners. Choose it depending on your platform. If it's a PC, try Windows video editor, use iMovie on a Mac. For professionals, Sony Vegas Pro is the first choice due to its omnipotence and precise controls on every detail. DVD Slideshow Maker is good windows video editing software, which comes with ease of use, reasonable price ($69) and enough features. Got a decision yet? I hope these video editing software reviews help you choose your favorite video editor.

Friday, September 10, 2010

DVD Slideshow Builder Giveaway

Sep 10, 2010, Today Wondershare Inc. announced DVD Slideshow Builder One Day Free on GAOTD (, it will only available one day today (Sep 10, 2010).

GAOTD is a website that offers licensed software you’d have to buy otherwise, for free! It gives away one software per day. What you need to do is to download and active this software as introduced on GAOTD website.
Today, Wondershare will give their software DVD sldieshow Builder away which is an ideal photo movie making software for beginners to instantly bring still photos to life with Hollywood-like movie style

    Key features:

    • Add unlimited photos in popular formats such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc.
    • 250+ Hollywood-like movie styles to instantly turn photos into movies
    • Photo DVD movie making for playback on TV, YouTube, Facebook, iPod, PSP, etc.
    • 30+ preset text effects to make animated titles with ease
    • Built-in editing tools to enhance photos and red-eye removal available
    • Trim and edit music with fade-in and fade-out effects
    • Choose from 160+ DVD menu templates to author good-looking DVD menus
    • Real-time and full-screen preview
    • Quick and helpful online support
Don't miss such nice software for free! Visit and download it. Besides, Wondershare provide special offer of other pro products too.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Presentation Free Video Editing Software

Use Free Windows Movie Maker To Make Presentation

How would you like to rapidly discover how to create your own easy videos using free software? Read the this article to find out how you can generate your personal videos fast.
Windows Movie Maker are is already on mainly Microsoft Windows OS you don’t require to go out and purchase video editing software when you probably already have it on your PC. You can look under your “Start” menu bottom in your bottom tray and navigating to “Programs” and then Windows Movie Maker.

When you have the program running you do not even need to have an genuine video clip to build videos. Although it does have this option to either hook up your video camera directly to Windows Movie Maker or to simply utilize the “import video” feature to import a video clip that you may previously have on your computer or flash drive.

In either case all you have to do is use the “import video”, “import pictures”, or the “import audio or music” button links to get started.

Once you import your preffered media that you desire to appear in your video into the enactment area, all you have to do is click on the media and drag and drop each item one at a time into the time line. You can classify the array of which media you want to be visible in your video by dragging them around.

Under “edit movie” you can also drag and drop or put in some very expert transitions, titles, text overlays, and credit. It’s actually that simple

You can even notice precisely what your video will appear like when you play it back in the video viewer built into the program.
You don’t need costly equipment to build videos. I’ve seen some shocking high quality videos produced with Windows Movie Maker that you would of never thought could be finish with free video editing software.

When you’re finish creating your videos you can even uploading them to video sharing sites like Youtube to share your videos with the world for entertainment or to get traffic in return to your website.