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love songs music slideshow

Best Romantic Love Songs Suggestions
Here is not the 100 greatest love songs list, but you can still find love song suggestions, and use to dance with lovers, send CD gift, or play as background music to set the romantic atmosphere. You can even get inspire from romantic love songs for love letter writing.
The love songs have been changing from times. Check here for love ongs oldies but goodies . Below is the romantic love songs to express your special feeling while you are in love. Meanwhile, R&B love songs collection is also provided. Rhythm & Blues love songs is the best songs to celebrate the love in a unique and special way. When you listen to R&B love songs, you feel the power of your deep love.
Other song lists:including First Dance songs, Father Daughter songs, Mother Son wedding songs.

Romantic Love Songs about Falling in Love

Amazed by Lonestar
A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson
Angel of Mine by Monica
At Last by Etta James
Cheek to Cheek by Fred Astaire
Crazy For You by Madonna
Eternal Flame by The Bangles
Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra
For Once in My Life by Frank Sinatra
Give Me Your Heart by Backstreet Boys

I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden
Is This Love? by Whitesnake
It Had to be You by Frank Sinatra
I Think I Love You by David Cassidy
I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles
Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye
Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley
On The Wings Of Love by Jeffrey Osborne
The Closer I Get To You by Beyonce
'Til There Was You by The Beatles
When I Fall in Love by Nat King Cole
You Had Me From Hello by Kenny Chesney

Top 10 Greatest Love Songs for Lovers
Cruisin' by Huey Lewis & Gwyneth Paltrow
Don't Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John & Kiki D.
Endless Love by Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie
House of Love by Amy Grant & Vince Gill
I Wanna Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler
Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton & Kenny R.
It's Your Love by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
Just You and I by Eddie Rabbit & Crystal Gayle
One Boy One Girl by Collin Raye
You're Beautiful by James Blunt

Best R&B Love Songs 2010

R&B is the abbreviation of Rhythm & Blues, which is a genre of popular African American music that originated in the 1940s. It's impossible to put all greatest R&B love songs together since it's popular for more than 50 years. What you have here is the latest R&B love songs suggested in 2010.
Battlefield by Jordin Sparks

Beat Again by JLS
Ben by Michael Jackson
Best I Ever Had by Drake
Birthday Sex by Jeremih
Blame It by Jamie Foxx
Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz
Down by Jay Sean & Lil' Wayne
Energy by Keri Hilson
Fight For This Love by Cheryl Cole
Forever by Chris Brown
Forgive Me by Leona Lewis
Halo by Beyonce
Heartless by Kanye West
If This Isn't It by Jennifer Hudson
Lovegame by Lady GaGa

Mad by Ne-Yo
Meet Me Halfway by Black Eyed Peas
My Love by The-Dream & Mariah Carey
Number One by R. Kelly & Keri Hilson
Oopsy Daisy by Chipmunk
Playing With Fire by N-Dubz & Mr Hudson
Pretty Wings by Maxwell
Red by Daniel Merriweather
She Wolf by Shakira
Supernova by Mr. Hudson & Kanye West
T-Shirt by Shontelle
TONY by Solange
Valentine by Ryan Leslie
Written On Her by Birdman & Jay Sean

More about Love Songs
  • Just as Michael Jackson's song Speechless says, Love is Magical, that is how I feel. Love is a magnificent feeling of human which can unite with another, as one. When you find him/her finally, don't hesitate to say I Love You, expressing yourself by love songs or any other way.
  • However, love is not always happiness. You will need some sentimental or even sad love songs in case of missing someone, unrequited love, or break-ups (sorry to mention that).
  • To buy and download songs about love, oldies love songs and wedding love songs, go to Amazon, iTunes, etc.

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digital scrapbook pictures pages background

crapbook paper, also called scrapbook background, is an important part of digi scrapping. The traditional scrapbook layouts may employ a background paper with cut edges. For digital scrapbooking, selecting a fabulous background paper is a good start for any scrapbook page. But you may also need other scrapbooking resources, such as a scrapbook maker software, scrapbooking templates, scrapbooking embellishments, and so on.

All these scrapbook backgrounds come with Photo Collage Studio's resource packs, but you could also use them in other digital scrapbook software for totally free if it's personal use. You could click thumbnail to enlarge. To download scrapbook papers, right click thumbnails, and select "Save Target As ..." for Internet Explorer, or "Save Link As ..." for Mozilla Firefox.

Download digital scrapbooking software with FREE scrapbook pages (backgrounds and embellishments included).

Get more free scrapbook papers from these links,

The best scrapbook maker and digital scrapbooking software i had used is photo collage maker, with tons of free premade scrapbook pages and fabulous scrapbook embellishments. With it, you could save your precious memories on printed scrapbooks, photo collage and for every occasion, like Wedding, Kids, Family, Travel, Graduation, Love, Christmas etc.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to Make a Photo Montage

Photo collages are unique visual interpretations and designs that are meant to please the eye, express a point of view or show off a bunch of photos. These montages are fun to create and can be done with virtually anything. Montages make great gifts and can be used for parties or other events as something for everyone to stare at and study.
Photo Montage Created by Photo scrapbooking software
Decide what kind of design you want. This will determine the kind of poster board or backing you will need. If you would like to you can draw the design or pattern you seek to make and use it as a cheat sheet of sorts. If there is no real design or pattern, just a jumble of photos, you simply need to choose your size and the type of surface on which you want to display these photos.
Gather all your photos. Start with the largest photos first. Figure out the placement of these pictures on the poster board. Set the photos on the board to see what they might look like. Remove the photos and spray photo glue adhesive on the area where each large photo will be placed. Set the photos in their spots. Gently press down on the photos. Place a paper towel on top of each photo and smooth down the edges. Quickly press the paper towel over the center of each photo to make sure it is secure.
Sort through the rest of your photos. Start in one corner and begin to place photos in a strategic pattern of how you think they would work well. Make sure you choose photos of various sizes, themes and content. If you only want a small or specific section of a photo then cut that part out so you are left with a smaller photo.
Round the edges of photos and create different angles. Place the photos, then spray and stick the photos. Remember to use the paper towel to push the photos down more. Use a glue stick or paper stick backings to hold down any edges that pop up or seem less stable.
Continue with all your photos until the entire board is covered. Place it in a frame--you could cover it with glass--or post it on a wall.

Another easy way to make photo montage is to use photo montage software,which always provides well designed templates on all theme,like baby,wedding,love,family etc.
Free photo collage templates provided by photo collage studio


Change Text Direction in Flash

Change Text Direction in Flash
Everyone knows you can type horizontal text in Flash CS4, but did you know you can change the direction of the text to vertical. You can change the direction of the text without using the transform tool, or repeatedly pressing the enter key to form a vertical line.

Firstly, you need to select the Text tool (T) then locate the ‘Paragraph’ section on the properties panel. If you can see the properties panel, select Window > Properties (Ctrl + F3).
Now select the ‘orientation’ button as shown above. You can either select the vertical left to right, or the vertical right to left. Both of these options set the text vertical, but change the reading point of view as shown below. As you can see below the ‘vertical left to right’ expands the text field to the right. While the ‘vertical right to left’ expand the text field to the left. This is a great feature for people using different languages because you can easily change the character flow from left to right.
The orientation button also lets you switch between horizontal and vertical text which avoids you having to manually edit the text. You can change the default text setting to vertical in the Flash preferences by choosing Edit > Preferences > Text then checking the ‘Default text orientation’ box. You also have the option of change the text work flow and disabling the kerning.

make photo montage in photoshop

How to Make a Montage in Photoshop
Photoshop is the standard for graphic designers > and many more people that work with images on computers. One job that photoshop is often used for is the creation of montages. While some steps may vary between different versions of photoshop, the basic premise will remain the same. By using this article, you will be able get started making montages on just about any version of photoshop.

First, decide which photos you plan on using in your montage. These can come from scanned images, family photos from digital cameras and other sources. Open these pics and save them all to the same format. Such all a generally same size, same color breakdown such as RGB or CMYK, all same DPI - Dots Per Inch. Most of these terms come from the printing industry. For computer use such as email pics, images will often be RGB and with a lower DPI. Most web images are around 72 dpi or less. If you plan on printing later, you will need to save you images at a higher DPI. I do this regardless because you can change the DPI later on your finished image while keeping a separate working file.

Step 2
Working files and finished files. Once again, this depends a bit on your version of Photoshop. You will now start your working file. Start a new image with nothing in it, or open what you would consider your base image. Make the canvas a size that is slightly larger than you plan on your final image as being. Save as My Montage Working or a similar name to let you know which file this is. This file will contain your image layers and will most often be saved as a "psd" file. This type of file can be reopened over and over again, worked on and saved without using your layers. UNLESS you save it in a format that combines all of the layers. In newer versions of Photoshop you can save as a tiff file and still work in layers.

Step 3
Now you have a main file saved as a PSD file and other image files ready to go. Open the images as needed and by using your tool bar select the lasso tool or square-round selection tool. Select the part of the image you want to add to the montage, select, copy click on the working file to activate, then paste. Your selected image should now paste onto a NEW layer of your working PSD (or for newer versions a layered tiff file)

Step 4
This is the fun part. Now you have layers. Before you go any further use your layer effects options from either the drop down menus or from the layer menu in your layer window. You can play with different shadows, effects, text and more. AND you can go back and change these options and effect for each layer as needed as long as you don't combine the layers. Once your combine layers, or flatten layers, your image is turned into a ONE layer image and you can't go back and make layer changes.

Step 5
Now you have a working layered image file and you are ready to save and email to all of your friends.Save the file as is as a PSD file. Don't make any changes. THEN "SAVE AS" a new file separate from the PSD file. Most often this will be a gif or jpeg. This will flatten the layers in your new image. BUT, you will still have your other PSD Working image in case you need to go back and make changes.

Try a few samples. You can use your lasso tool or even eraser tool to trim up layers and then add effects. Play around a bit and soon you will be knocking out montages like crazy.

Step 6
Once again, these tips will vary slightly from version to version. I use a newer version of photoshop and save many images as tiff images with working layers. But this option is not available in older versions.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

mother son wedding dance music songs

Mother Son Wedding Dance Songs Suggestions

The mother-son wedding dance is directly after the father daughter wedding dance and the last slow dance before the real party songs for wedding. It could be melodic and moving because it is the "Last Dance" of mother with her son (groom) before giving him away to another important woman in his life.
The songs for mother son dance at wedding is very difficult to choose. Avoid selecting too cheesy songs and also notice that it's the moments for the groom to honor and thank his mother for her loves. Take your time to select a best mother son wedding song, maybe starting months in advance. To save your time, we have generated this mother son wedding dance songs list, you could pick your favorite one and hope you have a memorable mother son wedding dance.
Mother Son Wedding Songs Suggestion
As Time Goes By by Ray Anthony Frank Sinatra
Blessed by Elton John
Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle
Do You Remember by Phil Collins
Ebb Tide by Righteous Brothers
For the Good Times by Ray Price
Forever Young by Rod Stewart
Glory of Love by Peter Cetera Studio Group
God Bless The Child by Tony Bennett
Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston
Hero by Mariah Carey

Best Wedding Songs for Mother Son Dance
A Song for Mama by Boyz II Men, 1997
Because you loved me by Celine Dion, 1996
Blessed by Elton John, 1995
Close to you by The Carpenters, 1970
Dancing Queen by Abba, 1976
Have I told you lately by Rod Stewart, 1993
Hero by Enrique Iglasius, 2001
I'll stand by you by The Pretenders, 1994
Mama by II Divo, 2004
Memories by Elvis Presley, 1968
Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N Roses, 1988
Three Times a Lady by Commodores, 1978
Time of your life by Green Day, 1997
You Raise me Up by Josh Groban, 2003
I'll Be There by Jackson 5
I am Your Child by Barry Manilow
I Remember You by Bette Midler
In My Life by Bette Middler
Mama by B.J. Thomas
Oh, Mother Of Mine by Temptations
So Much in Love by Art Garfunkel
Sons by Judy Collins
Thanks Again by Ricky Skaggs
The Man You've Become by Molly Pasutti
The Rose by Bette Midler
There You'll Be by Faith Hill
Through the Years by Kenny Rogers
Times of Your Life by Paul Anka
Unforgettable by Nat King Cole
Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Middler
 More about Mother Son Wedding Songs
  • Different from first dance wedding songs
    , which is to wow the wedding guests, mother son wedding dance song, may bring tears to many eyes. While dancing to mother son wedding song, the groom should focus on his mother and let her enjoy the last uninterrupted minutes as groom's mother to the fullest.
  • The mother son wedding dance song could be decided together by groom and mother, the same with father daughter songs selection. It could be meaningful to both groom and mother, maybe the first song that the groom and his mother firstly danced to.
  • Make mother son wedding song special and unforgettable, because on this special day, she is feeling a sense of loss as well as a sense of joy to see her son being a real man. It's the groom's turn to thank mother for her love throughout out these years. This is the big day for both groom and mother.
  • To find more, buy and download Mother Son Wedding Songs, songs about love and Father Daughter Wedding Songs on Amazon, iTunes, etc.

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first dance wedding song

First Dance Wedding Songs SuggestionsAs you know, dance could keep you active and health, regain romance and has many other benefits. But the first dance wedding songs is totally different. It's the most important part of your wedding reception. It's the first dance of the new married couple as husband and wife. You should show how cool and sophisticated you are because all eyes will focus on you. And this is the unique opportunity.
The first step is to pick the best first dance songs, and first dance need elaborately planned and practice. To have a good start, choose a great first dance wedding song from below the best wedding songs for first dance.

First Dance Wedding Songs Suggestion

All My Life by K-Ci and Jojo
Angel Eyes by Jeff Healy Band
Angel of Mine by Monica
At Last by Etta James
Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion
By Your Side by Sade
Can't Take My Eyes Off of You by Frankie Valli
Come Away With Me by Norah Jones
Could not Ask for More by Edwin McCain
Cross My Heart by George Strait

Top 10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs
In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel
Its Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Me and You by Kenny Chesney
My Valentine by Martina McBride
Someone Like You by Van Morrison
This I Swear by Nick Lachey
To Make You Feel My Love by Garth Brooks
Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden
Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton
You Had Me From Hello by Kenny Chesney Crush by Dave Matthews Band
Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aeorsmith
Endless Love by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross
Every time I close my eyes by Babyface
From this Moment by Shania Twain
Heaven by Bryan Adams
I can't help falling in love by Elvis
I Do by Cherish You) (98 degrees
I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by aerosmith
I Finally Found Someone by Barbara Streisand
I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You by Savage Garden
Spend my Life with You by Eric Benet & Tamia

More about First Dance Wedding Songs

  • The first dance is traditionally danced by bride and groom to wedding songs. The choice of first dance wedding songs usually includes romantic love songs. After first dance, the bride will dance with her father, and the groom with his mother. Here is the Father-Daughter songs and Mother-Son songs.
  • • You could choose a first dance wedding song holding significant meaning to both of you. And you may be familiar with. So on the big day, you can dance with confidence and never miss the beat. If you are still nervous, practice it or have a dance lesson before the wedding day. Never mind, practice makes perfect.
  • • Make sure the DJ has right version of the chosen first dance wedding song, rather than a remix or poor remake.
  • • To buy and download First Dance Wedding Songs, Mother Son Wedding Songs, and Father Daughter Wedding Songs on Amazon, iTunes, etc.

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how to edit video windows 7

Since Windows XP came out, I have taken editing my home videos for granted. There was always a version of Windows Movie maker that you can use to quickly capture about a dozen clicks of videosn from your video camera and within 10 mins, you can edit it, crop and merge the clicks together with special effects and music and output it to DVD in 16:9 HD video and 5.1 surround sound. Or you can create a smaller output for YouTube - all from a single application
. Things were easy.

Now that I have 64 bit Windows 7 on a i7 based machine that was sold as 'ideal for video editing', I am really struuggling to do this simple task that I took for granted.

The only version of Windows movie maker that works on Win 7 is the really cut down Windows Live movie maker Beta that can only output up to 640x480 and cant do fancy editing that I am used to.

Even my PicturePackage application I got with the Sony video camera wont install on Windows 7.

As for the old Version 2.6 of Movie maker, It installs - but only the sound works (despite the fact that I got a top of the range ATI 48xx based vidoe card.

I searched the net - and it suggest I copy the Vista moviemaker from a machine running Vista - and I no longer have any - I got Win7 running on all my machines at home now.

Or I need to go and buy a dedicated application.