Friday, May 27, 2011

Recover Deleted Photos from BlackBerry Phone

Recover Deleted Photos from BlackBerry Cell Phone
As one of the most popular mobile cell phones, Blackberry has been favored by many people worldwide. It uses the whole keyboard input, the operation is very convenient. And the artificial system is very user-friendly. And always with a very high pixel camera, which help to capture the interesting moment in our daily life.

However, there are so many times you may encounter precious photos accidentally deleted and thus wonder if there is a way to recover deleted photos from BlackBerry cell phones.

Well, there are more unpredictable cases that may lead photos deleted from BlackBerry cell phone. So why those situations happen and are there any chances to recover those photos?

As a matter of fact, the memory card or stick in BlackBerry is just like an external hard drive. When connected to the computer and photos inside accidentally got deleted, those deleted photos won’t go to the recycle bin or trash. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the photos are deleted permanently. No matter the photos are deleted from BlackBerry phone card or computer recycle bin or trash, all the photos can be recovered provided that they are not fully covered or occupied. The deleted photos are still intact out there in BlackBerry cell phone card or computer hard disk if transferred. The System only marks those photos as deleted but the real data are safe just inaccessible. As a result, once you find your photos are deleted from BlackBerry phone memory card, stop putting more files to the card ASAP.

Then the most effective and efficient way to recover deleted photos from BlackBerry cell phone is by using third party photo recovery software. As those recovery programs will use advanced algorithm to analyze the deleted data from the card then perform photo recovery. Just install the program on your computer, and connect your BlackBerry phone memory card to start recovery.

If you are using Windows operation system, recommend you to have a try Wondershare Photo Recovery. It’s an easy to use and powerful recovery program which recover deleted photos, videos and music from computer hard drive, external storage devices such as memory card or iPod etc. It only needs two steps to recover the lost picture or video documents.

1. Store drive scan. Before recover the lost documents, the photo recover program need to scan the SD card driver to find all the lost documents.
2. Recover the needed documents. After scan the SD card drive, the photo recover program will list all the documents that have been accidently deleted from the SD card drive. Then you just need to select the photos all videos that you want to recover and click the “recover” bottom.

Tip: in order to increase the chances to recover deleted photos from BlackBerry phone memory card, it is strongly recommended not to save more files when you notice your photos are deleted.

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