Tuesday, July 7, 2009

create dvd wedding slideshow

Wedding photo DVD slideshows are precious keepsake for weddings,you can protect your memorable moments forever by turing your favorite wedding pictures into special wedding photo slideshows on DVD.
Wedding day is filled with moments that become memories,create wedding DVD slideshow with music is a good way to keep memorable moments of our lives.

DVD slideshow Builder is a professional wedding slideshow software to create perfect wedding DVD slideshows and bring still picture to life!
If your are tired of sorting hundreds of photos on your computer, Then you have come to the right place!


Step 1: Import photos:
Import photos which are pre-processed before, or just Browse the photos saved in your local discs then adjust each picture with built-in editing tools such as rotate and crop photos to match the screen resolution to make the wedding photo DVD slideshow more lively.

wedding dvd slideshow

Step 2: Apply trasition effects and styles:
ith built-in animated movie styles,themes and Pan/Zoom effects, you can make your DVD wedding photo slideshow impressive. You can also choose the one meets your special demands and apply it to the slideshow. Here I choose "Style", "Theme", "Wedding" .

wedding dvd slideshow

Step 3. Decoration:
You can also add text with different effects to tell a wonderful story. Animated clipart and adorable effects are also available and make the slideshow more lively.

Step4: Edit DVD Menu:
Select a DVD menu or custom your own wedding DVD slideshows. These DVD menu templates are speically designed for different occasions. Only If you want to burn your wedding slideshow onto DVD, VCD Disc, it is necessary to configure a professional menu. Simply double-click the Wedding DVD menu template on the left hand side to apply it to your wedding slideshow DVD.

wedding dvd slideshow

Step 5: Buring to DVD or create video
t's time to burn your wedding slideshow onto disc or create video in various formats. See the screenshot below:

wedding dvd slideshow

Also, you can choose other video format like "AVI”, “WMV" or "MPEG-2" which are supported on YouTube or Myspace and share it on YouTube or Blog so that all of the world can watch your felicity wedding and send you their best wishes.

Supported Input Format
·Pictures: BMP / JPG / JPEG / PNG
· Music: MP3 / WMA / WAV
·Supported Output Format
· Video: DVD-Video ( NTSC/ PAL [16:9 ][4:3] ) / MP4 / 3GP / WMV / MPEG-2 / AVI / WMV Recommended System Requirements:
·Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
·CPU: Intel® Pentium IV 1.0GHz, AMD Athlon® XP (equivalent) or higher recommended.
·Memory: 512MB (1 GB or higher recommended)
· Hard Disk: 1GB (5GB or higher recommended)

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