Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to make a custom myspace photo album

How to make a custom myspace photo album
Pretty much every person has a few photos on their myspace profile, but you can really impress your friends if you have your own special and different myspace photo album slideshow!
If you are interested in posting photos on your page and profile, just follow these steps to create your own animate myspace photo album in few steps !
It’s easy to create photo albums for myspace with professional transition effects and music.
Go ahead, let’s create a myspace photo album and add it to your myspace profile or blog today!

What you'll need:
1. Digital Photos
2. Professional Slideshow Software

3. Myspace Account (Free to register)

Step 1. Add photos to myspace photo album
Select your favorite photos, browse and simply drag & drop your favorites to the “Story Board”. Adjust photos with the built-in editing tools and effects such as rotate and crop photos to match the screen resolution, adjust the brightness/contrast.Choose a lovely song for this myspace photo album.

Step 2. Choose myspace photo album styles
Different transitions and effects can create different styles of myspace photo albums.
With 200+ built-in animated movie styles and transition effects, you can make your myspace photo album to impress everyone. Preview and choose your favorite style and apply to the myspace photo album, or choose “Add style” “Add random styles” to all.

Step3:Set output format and upload to myspace
Select "Create" tab and click "Create MP4" or other formats like "AVI”,“WMV" or "MPEG-2" ,they are all acceptable to myspace.

Extra Tips:
You can also add text to the photos make your myspace photo album more lively.
Choose other video format like "AVI”, “WMV" or "MPEG-2" which are supported on YouTube ,MySpace, Google Video or other websites.
Create DVD :
Click the "Create" tab and Preview the myspace photo album,choose “Create DVD”,Select the story you want to create to DVD ,author the DVD Menu and choose the menu template, then burn it to your DVD disc and display on TV.

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