Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fathers Day unique gifts ideas

Father's Day is more than a simply day for Dad. Father's Day is a time for the family to come together and share the joy and caring Dad brings each and every day. Your father has been there for you through thick and thin; you can go to him for fair advice, support, and help when things are at their toughest. This Father's Day 2011, give dad a shining token of your affection with a just-for-him gift.
Express your gratitude to Dad with a unique gift for Father's Day 2011. What better way to express your love for Dad then with a personalized Father's Day Gift made exclusively for him. Otherwise stick with a traditional Father's Day gift idea such as a new book or new Tshirt. No matter what you send, Dad will know he is loved and he will enjoy any gift!

Tradational Father's Day Gifts ideas
Sports and Recreation Gifts
Wooden Desk Set
Dad Stained Glass Window
Sweet Gift Assortments

For fathers:
Hunter father's day 2011 gift idea~ would be pocket knife, shells for his gun, camo, binoculars, scope for his gun, gloves for ATV, game caller or DVD on hunting.
Fisherman father's day 2011  gift idea ~ Fishing lures, rod, reel, tackle box, flies, fishing line, soft or hard baits, life vest, fillet knife, scales or laminated maps.
Golfer father's day 2011  gift idea ~ Monogrammed golf balls, golf bag, golf club, gloves, visor, shoes or tees.
Sports fan father's day 2011gift idea~ Tickets to his favorite sporting event, t-shirt, hat or anything with his favorite team logo on it.
Drinker or Smoker father's day gift idea ~ Flask, beer stein, bottle or case of favorite beverage, personalized beer cozy, box of cigars, cigar cutter, humidor, zippo lighter or ashtry .
Business man father's day gift idea ~ Wallet, watch-pocket or wrist, cuff links, gloves, money clip, business card holder, travel bag for toilietries, embroidered handkerchief or tie, voice recorder or laser pointer.
Couch potato father's day 2011 gift idea~ Slippers, robe, pj's, universal remote, shaver, subscription to favorite magazine, cologne, DVD's, t-shirt with world's greatest dad etc, BBQ or grilling tool set, car wash kit, mini tool set, renew his gym membership, rent him an exotic car for the day, take him to the casino or put pic of all kids in a "dad" photo frame.
If none of that will work then you can always take him out to dinner or get him a giftcard to one of his favorite stores.

Top five personalized Father's Day 2011 Gifts ideas

  • If you are creative with the pen, write a heartfelt poem for your dad. Attach it to a bouquet of garden flowers and give it to him first thing in the morning. You can also simply frame it and gift it to him.
  • You may try composing a musical piece or a Fathers Day song for daddy. Surprise him with your creation during the Father's Day party. If you are good at it, you can also record it on a CD, personalize it with your pictures and gift it to him.
  • Children who are good in painting can also draw, sketch or paint a portrait of their dad and present it to him on Father's Day. You can also gift a scrapbook, comprising of hilarious captions and colorful caricatures of both him and you.
  • Another thing that you can try your hands at is cooking a homemade meal for dad. It can be breakfast in bed, a simple lunch or a grand dinner. Don't forget to bake a cake of his favorite flavor.
  • A touching gift that would meaningfully convey your feelings to dad on Father's Day is a homemade card. You can make a simple Father's day photo Video, a pop-up card or a collage card. A collage card, with assorted pictures of you and dad, is the most preferable.
Surprise Dad in an unexpected way?

Create a
father's day photo slideshow as a special and personalized gift for father's day to surprise him when all your family are gathered in the living room watching TV .


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