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16:9 youtube video slideshow widescreen

Make Normal Widescreen Video for Youtube

YouTube, after years of complaints over the size of its video player, has changed to wider size since Nov, 2008. And then did you find more complaints about the black bars around your video? Do you know the proper settings to get perfect 16:9 widescreen video for Youtube? Read on this article and you will get all answers to receive better video viewing experience on Youtube.

The Letterbox Bar and Pillarbox Bar


As you could see in the above figure, the black bars around the video (windowboxing) ruin the view experience completely. This is probably because letterboxing is added to create 4:3 video from 16:9, meanwhile, pillarboxing is also added by the widescreen player. So you are recommended to upload original 16:9 video to Youtube.

In DVD Slideshow Builder, you could easily get blackbar-free Youtube video by project settings (through Settings button on top) and settings in the Video Advanced Settings dialog, shown as below. Before saving video, make sure you have set the Resolution to 16:9 aspect ratio.

Generally, 1280x720 is recommended. However, for a smaller size of video, you could use other resolutions. To decide the resolution, just divide width by the height, if the result equals to 1.777777, that is 16:9 widescreen video, which could be played perfectly on Youtube.

dvd slideshow

Note that if your media sources are in 16:9 aspect ratio, everything is perfect to make widescreen youtube video, but if mismatch ratio happens, adjustments are required. In such cases, either cut or stretch media to keep the specified aspect ratio. Otherwise, keep the mismatch aspect ratio and black bar is unavoidable.

 Here is the 16:9 widescreen video on Youtube (High Quality) created with Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder.

Youtube Video Tips: 1. Add &fmt=22 to youtube video URL for a larger player size. For example, to directly watch above 16:9 widescreen video in the wider youtube player, visit youtube video address like this:

Make HD 16:9 Widescreen Video for Youtube

The newly released DVD Slideshow Builder allows you to create high-definition video for Youtube in the following formats. All is supported by Youtube and you can also select desired resolution (1280x720 - 16:9 HD is recommended). To make proper settings for HD Youtube widescreen video, click Settings button after selecting output formats and specify right encorder, resolutions, frame rate and bit rate. After created, simply upload videos to Youtube, and they will fill the player entirely.
HD H.264 Video (*.mp4, *.mov)

HD MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)

HD MPEG-2 Video (*.mpg)

HD ASF Video (*.asf)

HD AVI Video (*.avi)

HD WMV Video (*.wmv)

Note: Due to the high quality, HD 16:9 widescreen Youtube videos require faster internet connection speed.

Change Pillarbox Youtube Video to 16:9

You may have shared many normal aspect ratio video before youtube changes it player to larger size. If so, you could edit video info and add yt:stretch=16:9 to the Tag textbox. Another useful youtube video tricks are yt:stretch=4:3, yt:crop=4:3, yt:crop=16:9. Use yt:crop=16:9 to crop out letterbox and pillarbox bars. Stretch youtube video to 16:9 widescreen video now to full fill youtube video player. But note that your video may be short, squat and a bit of chubby looking.
youtube video


To best upload widescreen video to youtube, make sure you are using the original videos without re-sampling and directly create 16:9 video to upload onto Youtube. Download DVD Slideshow Builder Trial Version to make either normal 16:9 video or High Definition widescreen video perfectly compatible with Youtube widescreen player. You could also stretch existed 4:3 youtube video to fill player entirely. By the way, if you download youtube video not in widescreen, use DVD Slideshow Builder to convert to 16:9 and upload to youtube again.

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