Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to Make a Photo Montage

Photo collages are unique visual interpretations and designs that are meant to please the eye, express a point of view or show off a bunch of photos. These montages are fun to create and can be done with virtually anything. Montages make great gifts and can be used for parties or other events as something for everyone to stare at and study.
Photo Montage Created by Photo scrapbooking software
Decide what kind of design you want. This will determine the kind of poster board or backing you will need. If you would like to you can draw the design or pattern you seek to make and use it as a cheat sheet of sorts. If there is no real design or pattern, just a jumble of photos, you simply need to choose your size and the type of surface on which you want to display these photos.
Gather all your photos. Start with the largest photos first. Figure out the placement of these pictures on the poster board. Set the photos on the board to see what they might look like. Remove the photos and spray photo glue adhesive on the area where each large photo will be placed. Set the photos in their spots. Gently press down on the photos. Place a paper towel on top of each photo and smooth down the edges. Quickly press the paper towel over the center of each photo to make sure it is secure.
Sort through the rest of your photos. Start in one corner and begin to place photos in a strategic pattern of how you think they would work well. Make sure you choose photos of various sizes, themes and content. If you only want a small or specific section of a photo then cut that part out so you are left with a smaller photo.
Round the edges of photos and create different angles. Place the photos, then spray and stick the photos. Remember to use the paper towel to push the photos down more. Use a glue stick or paper stick backings to hold down any edges that pop up or seem less stable.
Continue with all your photos until the entire board is covered. Place it in a frame--you could cover it with glass--or post it on a wall.

Another easy way to make photo montage is to use photo montage software,which always provides well designed templates on all theme,like baby,wedding,love,family etc.
Free photo collage templates provided by photo collage studio


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