Friday, July 16, 2010

Create Simple DVD Template Photoshop

I have Premiere Elements 7, as well as Photoshop CS3. What I want is a very simple DVD as  a presentation.I want to be able to click on each clip as it is needed without the less elegant minimizing of a player window, clicking in a Windows directory window, locating the correct clip, double-clicking, and starting up again. I have carefully marked each clip with a "main menu marker" since there is no reason to select "scenes"--this is not something that would ever be played like a movie; rather the clips would be used, usually in order, to accompany a talk. For that matter, a text menu would be ideal.

I tried to modify the "Generic Text" template from this site, using Photoshop CS3, but have no idea how to link the names of the clips to the actual desired action. Is there documentation online somewhere? Here? Is this something that can be put together quickly or would I be better off abandoning PE7 and purchasing DVD Architect, instead. (It's not so much that adding another program is expensive, but it's one more bit of software to maintain from one more source, that will be used infrequently--potentially years between uses--and one more risk element as a small staff tries to respond to the needs of our presenters. Etc., etc., etc..... I'd much rather be pointing people, starting with myself, to tools that are used more frequently--in our case, PE and PS.

Ideas? Advice? Pointers?

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  1. I'm the developer of Photo to Movie, a slide show application.

    We're recommending that our users check out the free/open source DVD Style application for burning DVDs: