Tuesday, July 20, 2010

share photos online for free

Free Online Photo Hosting Websites
     As it is always said, a photo speaks louder than words, thus photos are useful in communication,making Photo Slideshow.
There is a very good alternative to emailing photos; they are called  free online photo hosting websites. People love to share photos.  However, photos take up a tremendous amount of space and can really  slow down your email, not to mention take up a tremendous amount of  space in someone’s inbox.
On a free online photo hosting website you open an account and load  your photos directly to that site. You can then invite family and  friends to visit your site, check out your photos and even comment on  them!
With the holiday season fast approaching, it is time to grab the  digital camera and start taking photos. You can go and make changes or improvements using one  of these freephoto hosting websites,and turn your photos into photo DVD .

     One of the largest photo and video sharing sites, WebShots has more  than 400 million photos to check out and is a great hosting site for  your own photos.
They have free and premium memberships that offer lots of storage,  ensuring that you will never fun out of space. You can share videos,  photos and slideshow on both WebShots and on your personal website. You  can even order prints of your photos and create custom photo gifts.

    The self proclaimed most popular creative hub on the web, PhotoBucket  links billions of personal photos, graphics, slideshows and videos to  many of the most popular websites and social networking sites such as  MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, Craigslist and Blogger.
    However, the free online photo hosting website is not the only method  that members can share their photos. They can also share their digital  media via email, IM and even mobile devices.
Membership is free and it is a great place to share you latest shots of your new purple Mohawk or your adorable new baby.
The following photo hosting websites are some of the more popular sites on the net.

    FaceBook is a social network of people who have photo pages. You can  find new friends through the search or you can link to your own friends  and family while uploading an unlimited number of photos, share links  and videos.
Anyone with a valid email address can join FaceBook. If you register  with your school or work email, you can connect to co workers or  classmates. When you have registered you can find a regional network to  join and then you can connect to people in your area.

    Yahoo! And AOL photo albums are free online photo hosting websites and are very effective for sharing your photos.
You can save, send and share your photos through these sites.  There is no fee attached, the services are both free.

    Flickr is a fun site where members can keep a blog of memories that  they have captured on their cell phone camera, or maybe they just want  to post their best photos so that they can show off their talents and  perhaps earn the title web celebrity.
Of course, they can post their photos to share with family and friends.  Flickr is a free online photo hosting website, but it also helps  members get photos to the people who matter to them. Members can  organize their photos, share and keep in touch with others.
    The free membership on this site offers you a lot of options, particularly if you have a lot of photos to store and share.

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