Monday, May 9, 2011

how to restore Photos from iPhone

How to restore Photos from iPhone

iPhone is used more and more frequently, and many people may own their iPhone. One of the most common uses of iPhone is camera. Because its pixels is very high and easy for carry. We carry it around nearly anytime. After taking new images, we are curious to check if the images are nice or just so-so. Sometimes we may accidentally press wrong button. We delete images instead of saving. So, what should we do now? if the deleted photos can be recover?

Of course, the answer is yes. However, we should learn some knowledge about the data storage theory of memory card or hard disk first. The image hasn't been permanently deleted, and we can still undelete image from iPhone. Because what you deleted is the entry index which says what and where the file is. The space in which the deleted file located is available for immediate and re-useable use. It means that the space can be occupied by new file at anytime. So Time is of the essence. The success to undelete image depends more or less on how quickly you act! Therefore you must act fast and try not to upload any new images, or videos onto the iPhone. Doing so minimizes the chances of the space in question being overwritten by new files, thus increasing the likelihood of success to undelete image from iPhone.

And now let show you how to recover deleted photos from iPhone, If you just deleted your image on your iPhone, and your iPhone isn't physically damaged, you can undelete image from iPhone on your own as long as the original data is not overwritten. The trick to is to find out professional picture recovery tool for iPhone. There are some picture recovery tools on the current market. Search on Google you can find out the software suppliers and product websites. Most picture recovery tools are wizard-designed, what you need to do is to follow the step-by-step guidance. In order to choose a right and best one, the following factors you should pay attention to:

Whether the software is risk-free or read-only or not. The data recover tool you chosen should not do any further damage to your valuable data. The right one should be risk-free and non-destructive.

Powerful recovery function: The tool you chosen should restore main types of picture formats such as BMP,JPG, JPEG,TIF, TIFF, PNG,GIF,DNG, CDR, MAX,PSD,WMF, etc.

Whether you can preview your pictures from thumbnail ( if it's not a freeware). It's better for you to preview your deleted pictures to check if all the pictures you deleted are recoverable and you can evaluate the recovery quality before you buy.

Tips of recovering images from iPhone

When selecting a recovery path, do not save undeleted images on your iPhone directly. First save to your PC, then you can copy or send to your iPhone, in order to avoid data overwriting.



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