Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Select the Flash Drive

How to Select the Right Flash Drive

Flash drive is the most widely used memory tool for us to store and carry the important documents. Its capacity from 128M to 8G, or even higher. It can basically meet all the needs of most of us. Their size is very small and easy for carry, and is also very easy to use. You can immediately read the data of the flash drive when push it to the computer. And do not worry about data loss problem.

Because there are many data recovery software can easily help to restore the lost data. Despite the lost data can be restored, but the quality of the service life of flash drives and other issues is still very important. Now I will Jiao you how to choose a good flash drive.

1. Assess your storage needs. Flash drives offer 32 MB to 2 GB of storage space. The most commonly used flash drives are 512 MB and 1 GB. The 2 GB flash drives can store up to 9 hours of music or 3 hours of video/DVD content.

2. Get the USB 2.0 interface that is backward compatible, as it fits most computers.

3. Get information about makers and vendors of flash drives. Kingston, Transcend, Memorex, Verbatim, LG, Scandisk Cruzer, Sony, Lexar and Iomega are among the popular and reliable names.

4. Explore the main features before choosing a model from a particular brand. It should have a built-in security lock and password protection features.

5. Choose a design and style that allows sufficient portability and comfort when traveling.

6. Plan your budget for purchasing a flash drive. Remember that flash drives, both new and used, are priced differently.

7. Check the warranty. Some flash drives come with up to 5 years of warranty. The best brands usually offer a lifetime warranty.

All the above tips are helpful in selecting a good flash drive. And you can choose the best flash drive after careful considering all the points above. All these tips can also been used to choose an good pen drive, mp3 player and mp4 player.

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  1. Could you provide more technical way of choosing the right Pendrive such as what is the differences between

    Pen Drive
    Flash Drive
    Jet Flash Drive
    Data Transfer Speeds which we need to care about etc..