Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recover Data from USB Drive

How to Recover Data from USB Drive?

As one of the most convenient data storage device, USB drive is nearly the most widely used.
It is easy to carry, store fast and small. All these advantages bring great convenience for us to store and carry many important documents. However, Just as the old saying goes every coin has two sides, the data storage on the USB drive is always easy to lose. For example, the data will always seems like to lose when force out if from the PC. So, is there any great method to recover lost data?

When you reading here, perhaps you may already know the answer, the answer is definitely yes.
Before performing USB drive file recovery, what you should do firstly is to minimize the data loss and increase the possibly of successful recovery.

Stop using the USB drive
The more activity taking place on your USB drive, the greater the chance that some of your lost file might be written over. To enhance the chances to recover files from your USB drive, remember not to use the USB drive to store new files, not to edit any documents stored on it, not to use the USB drive for any further transfer process.

Solutions for USB drive file recovery
Losing files from USB drive does not mean these files are gone forever. Files can be recovered if you don't do any mistakenly operations to reduce the USB drive file recovery chance and choose the correct tool. When you lose your files from USB drive due to accidentally deletion, formatting, virus infection and other logically damage, you can recover files from USB drive with file recovery software. There are lots of file recovery software, you just need to get a program that best fits your needs. Overall reliability should be the most important factor while recovery speed, ease-of –use, and price you should also take in consideration.

A good file recovery tool can provide preview ability for you to evaluate recovery result before you purchase it. Wondershare Data Recovery is such file recovery software that can help you recover files from USB drive lost due to deletion, formatting, virus infection, and other reasons. You can also do USB drive file recovery through the help of a recovery service company, but the cost is extremely high.

Tips for USB drive file recovery
Get in the habit of having backup of files. Although lost files on USB drive can be recovered with the help of recovery technology, the success rate of USB drive file recovery is not 100%. Getting backup of files regularly is the safest way to reduce data loss.

However, data recovery for USB drive is not so necessary. What more, it always cost money for data recovery if you employ person to do so. So a good idea to find ways to reduce the cost is to pay more attention to data backup.

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