Monday, July 4, 2011

Difference among DVD Formats

We have received some questions related to DVD formats. We have briefed all these questions and answered them in the following article. These questions and answers are your guide to know more about DVD formats and the difference among them. We are going to mention how do users recognize which DVD format is compatible with their DVD drives, and why are there numerous formats for DVDs?
What are the existing types of DVD Formats?
Simply our answer is; there are so many different formats such as, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM.
Why there are many DVD Formats?
The vital difference among existing formats is based on which standards the company applies.
What do these formats mean?
We call +R, -R, -ROM, +RW, etc, physical formats. They describe how data is written or stored on to the disc itself. And here you are some more information about them.
The difference between + &- signs
The plus formats have the same data storage capacity as the minus formats (4.7GB), but DVD+RW provide faster writing than DVD-RW, better internal linking and suitable for drag-and-drop files, which makes it easy to build the contents of DVD disk.
DVD+R are a recordable format .It is writing-once format that intended to be well-matched with most of DVD players. But once you burned it, the data cannot be erased. DVD+R are used for archival purposes only.
DVD+RW are a re-recordable format. The data on a DVD+RW disc can be deleted and recorded many times without ruining the disk itself.
Of sure, DVD-RW discs are cost more than DVD-R discs.
DVD-R is a recordable DVD format like DVD+R. It is writing-once format that intended to be well-matched with most of DVD players.
DVD-RW is a re-recordable format like DVD+RW. You can delete the data on a DVD-RW disc and re-record it many times without ruining the disk itself.
DVD-RAM are more helpful, however, since it allows you to remove and retype on a specific sections of the DVD, this is not applied with DVD-RW. But they are compatible only with devices that produced by the manufacturers that provide the DVD-RAM format.
DVD-ROM was the first DVD format in the DVD world and is a read-only format. The DVD is compatible with any DVD-ROM-equipped device.
Dual layer technology gives the ability to record on two layers on a single side of the DVD disc.
How do I figure out what format my drive compatible with?
If the drive type is DVD-RW, you're going to use DVD-R and DVD-RW format discs. You cannot use "plus" formats, since those won't be suitable for your drive. Check your drive name to decide which format you are going to use. Use the System Profiler application on Mac to get information about your drive. Select application then "utility" then "ATA".
Data-burning software
of sure burning software has to enhance the DVD format you want to use .For Windows, you can get GEAR for burning CDs, but in case of burning DVD you need to get GEAR Professional Edition.
Now you have a good base of information about different DVD formats. So you can take the decision when it comes to the point of buying DVD discs.

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