Friday, July 22, 2011

Solutions Convert MTS to MP4

Solutions for converting MTS to MP4

HD camcorders are readily available nowadays and people prefer to use it to record special moments in their life. However, the format used in these recorders is MTS or M2TS, which is not what most popular players such as Apple TV, PSP and iPods use. Therefore, users are always on the lookout to convert MTS to MP4.

Fortunately, there are several converters available to do the job for you. Some of them are free tools while the professional converters are paid versions. The process of conversion employed is fairly straightforward in most converters. Another advantage is these tools do not bind you to any particular operating system. You will get converters for your purpose, irrespective of whether you are a Windows user, a Linux user or a Mac user.

For converting MTS files to MP4, it takes just four basic steps. That is, if you are converting the file as a whole. However, you may want to do some editing before the final conversion, in which case, the number of steps will be more than the basic four.

As a start, you will need to download a suitable converter that is compatible to your system, and install it in your system. Run the converter program, drag and drop the MTS files into the program. Another way of doing this would be to go to the 'Files' menu and 'Add Video Files', to open the MTS files you want converted.

Next, you will have to tell the program the output format that you want the MTS files to be converted. The program will usually have a formats drop-down list, wherein you can select MP4 from the Video Formats section.

At this point, if you want to select only a specific segment of the MTS clips for editing, you can do so and trim the clip to your requirement, before starting the editing. Use the editing tools in the software for editing the video files before starting the conversion.

Once you are satisfied with the editing, the final step is to hit the 'Convert' or 'Start' button. The rest of the job is done by the software. It converts all the MTS files into MP4 files, automatically. If you are not happy with the conversion, you can change the settings in the software and repeat the process, until satisfactory results ensue.

Therefore, it is only a few clicks that are required to convert MTS files to their MP4 counterparts. The converted MP4 files can now be enjoyed in any of your popular players.

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