Friday, July 8, 2011

Apple Hardware Review

What do I Pods, Mac Books, I Pads, I Phones and I Macs all have in common? The answer in one word is style.
Every piece of hardware that Apple designs and Manufactures oozes style. So let’s briefly look at some of the products in closer detail.

The I-Pod Touch
The I Pod touch, Nano and Shuffle tend to be more that able to handle all of your multimedia needs the I Pod touch getting all the technology from the I Phone including touchscreen navigation and super retina display that causes it to be impossible to determine the pixels on screen. A double camera that may be switchable when being used enables you to see your buddies what you're seeing when on the go. Gaming sensitivity continues to be enhanced within the latest version so responses are often thought and passed in. The Nano has got the same touchscreen with it you can include album art, and make playlists based on the tunes you prefer, with Radio there's never any reason to become without your favourite music. The Shuffle includes a massive 2gb of memory to help you download tunes and playback for hrs without needing to repeat an audio lesson.MAC Books
The latest addition to the Mac book range is the Mac book air ultra thin and extremely light coming in two sizes 11 inch and 13 inch the Mac book air weighs in at just 3 pounds and boasts all the technology that the larger heavier versions have.

Apple has revolutionized the screen display making it so thin but yet so clear and crisp. If a larger display is needed then it is possible to connect to HD television extended battery life has been worked in too with up to 30 days in standby mode possible, Flash memory has been used to create the space needed for these extra life batteries. The touchpad has been redesigned so that all navigation and control is done with finger gestures no buttons to click.

The I- Phone
Full of features the I Phone is really a phone leading the means by wireless technology. Video calling touchscreen navigation, voice control, music playback either I tunes or streamed it's all possible using the I Phone. Extra programs that may be bought in the apple store can change your I Phone right into a fully fledged word processor or spread sheet which makes it an important mobile office tool. Surfing the net and emails are handled very easily along with the camera and video recording abilities of the phone is a that rivals are attempting tough to emulate.

The I Mac
The I Mac all-in-one completes the road up provided using the latest Apple Pentium quad core processors the I Mac is really condition from the art. New Thunderbolt technology continues to be put into give blisteringly fast data speeds and a chance to daisy chain the technology enables for approximately seven additional peripheral devices to become added. Input products are wireless so that all the desk top clutter is prevented having a wireless keyboard, mouse and touch pad the I Mac comes provided with a range of Hard disk drive having a 500gb or 1tb drive with respect to the model bought.

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