Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to make MySpace Photo Album and Slideshow

Nowadays, sharing photos with your friends has never been easier! Follow me to see how to create and customize your MySpace photo album and slideshow.
Step1:Upload Photos to MySpace
Sign in and click “edit photos” from your myspace homepage. Then browse and choose the local photos you want to upload.Then click 'open' and the photos will be uploaded to your Photo Upload box and be saved in an album and click “next” to continue.
Step2:Add Photos to your MySpace Album
You will be asked if you want to add them to an existing album, which you can find in the drop down menu, or create a new one by typing a title for it. Click 'upload.' After it's done, click 'next.' You can add a caption to each photo if you like then click save when you're finished.
Step3:Arrange the Photos in MySpace
Click 'arrange photos' to change the order of the pictures. Click and drag them until they are in the order you want. The first photo will be the photo album cover on your myspace page. Click 'save.' On the next page, you can customize the album cover. This is what visitors will see when they look at your photo albums. Click and drag the box to a part of the first photo which is the album cover. Click “save album cover”, and uour photo album is created.
Step4:Create a MySpace Slideshow
Now you can add your album as a slideshow by clicking “create slideshow”. Choose the album you want to use in your profile in . Then highlight the html code in the box and press control+c to copy it. Add it to where you want to put the slideshow in your myspace personal information. Paste the code and Click 'save all changes.' View your profile to see what it looks like.
Creating a photo album on myspace is very easy and it's a great way to post pictures for your friends.
Extra tip:
Create a slideshow with professional slideshow software:
Here I will recommend photo story platinum,movie, MS Photo Story 3 and MS Movie Maker.Cause people may be familiar with the ms products,I will mainly talk about photo story platinum,which is created by Wondershare. I like photo story platinum and will keep it as an alternative to use along with MS Photo Story 3 and MS Movie Maker. The output options and more than 200 templates that Wondershare offers makes it a powerful tool.It’s easy and quick to make a music slideshow with photo story platinum.Not only create video slideshow that can be uploaded to myspace but also supported to be burned to DVD and display on TV.

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