Thursday, May 14, 2009

most recommended graduation slideshow songs

Recently, today's graduates are busy in preparing their graduation. Some of them might be excited, while others could be a bit of sentimental. What ever they will be, the graduation will be remembered for lifetime, and surely the graduation songs. The songs for graduation listed here are not in order. One or all is perfect for graduation party and ceremony. It's also a good idea to play these graduation songs in Graduation DVD Movie Slideshow, which is created with photos of your classmates these years. If so, such kind of graduation slideshow would impressive and touch all your classmates' hearts and the graduation would live in everyone's heart for ever. At the end of this article, enjoy the graduation slideshow I have created with DVD Slideshow maker and uploaded to Youtube.

Our best graduation songs, which you would use to celebrate graduation ceremony. List your top graduation songs, which will help make the occasion truly memorable.

Most recommended graduation slideshow songs:
1. The Journey by Lea Salonga (this broadway superstar who also dubbed the singing voice of mulan and princess jamsine for Disney tells us about one's very long journey that leads to a very bright end)
2. Graduation Song/friends Forever by Vitamin C (showcases the joy and sadness of meetng friends and moving on to the next level)
3. Breakaway by Kelly Clarkosn (tells about the story of a person who is ifnally uout of the shell and ready to face the challenges of the real world)
4. POwer of One by Donna Summer (Talks about unity and reaching one goal together)
5. I Can from the movie Do-Re-Mi (Tells us about the never ending friendship of three people no matter where they go to)
6. Will of the Wind by Jim Photoglo (Is about going with the winds of time to achieve one's goal)
7. Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler (Talks about one;s gratitude for the firnedshipa nd sacrifices for the other throughout school life)
8. Clim Every Mountain from the Movie Sound of Music (Talks about the courage to go on with whatever fight after a certain school level)
9. A Hero Comes HOme by Idina Menzel which is also the sound track of the hollywood movie: BEUWOLF (Is a very hopeful song that somewhere along the way we gotta find that hero in our selves and that we should be where we wanna be, where we should be)

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