Tuesday, May 19, 2009

8 Things you can do with photos on myspace

Nowadays, sharing photos with your friends has never been easier! Follow me to see how to create and customize your MySpace photo album and slideshow.Time to add photos to MySpace, anywhere on MySpace. Of course photos can be added to your MySpace profile, and they can also be added to your MySpace blogs, comments, and photo album. MySpace has a really nice photo album that you can build, so your friends can browse your photos. You can turn your MySpace photos into a slideshow.
Upload photo slideshow video to Myspace
Use slideshow software  to make personalized photo album that like an Music Video,it can be a friends slideshow,wedding slideshow, baby slideshow,anniversary slideshow,etc,you can make any kinds of slideshow you want.Here I will recommend photo story platinum,movie, MS Photo Story 3 and MS Movie Maker.. The output options and more than 200 templates makes it a powerful tool.It’s easy and quick to make a myspace music album with photo story platinum.Not only create video slideshow that can be uploaded to myspace but also supported to be burned to DVD and display on TV. This is a better way to make slideshow video or music photo album with lots of effects.
Add Profile Photo
The profile photo represents you on MySpace and will show up at the top of your MySpace profile,it will tell people who you are. More Photos In Your MySpace ProfileIf you want to add more photos to your MySpace profile, there's a way to do so. MySpace profile shows who you are, what your interests are, and that sort of thing.
Create a MySpace Photo Album
MySpace photo album is very cute. It allows you to create different photo albums. Create a photo album for your photos, and another album for your kid's photos, or whatever you want to create a photo album about on MySpace. Insert Photos Into MySpace Blog PostsThe intresting part of reading a blog is seeing all kinds of interesting photos.So you can add some photos to your blog posts.
Use Photos on MySpace That Are Hosted Elsewhere
Photos don't have to be on your MySpace photo album for you to add them to your MySpace profile or your MySpace blog. You can add photos to MySpace that are hosted anywhere on the Web.Before you can add a photo into your MySpace profile,you need to find out what the Web address of the photo is.
Create a MySpace Slideshow
Use the photos you added to your MySpace photo album, you can create a slideshow. Then you can add your slideshow right to your MySpace profile. All your friends will love looking through your photos when they can do it with a slideshow right from your MySpace profile.
Add Photos to MySpace Comments
Yeah,that’s right,add photos to the comments,never thought of doing this? Want to add photos to the comments you leave for your friends? Of course you can, and it's never been so easy to do. Now if you have something to show your friends you can leave them a photo. if you have something to show your friends you can leave them a photo.

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