Friday, August 7, 2009

anniversary slideshow

This tutorial mainly about how to turn pictures and photos into better anniversary DVD slideshow with music and share on youtube Video step by step and no complicated computer skills needed.
Wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday, are all special occasions that deserve a commemoration with a photo montage DVD slide show ,it's a nice to create an anniversary slideshow with background music and play on anniversary party.

An anniversary DVD slideshow is a great way to keep your cherish memories for the one year anniversary, or dad and mom’s 25th or 50th anniversary even their 100th anniversary, and share with families and friends.

Anniversary slideshows are not only a simple gift for our friends and family but also a precious keepsake of their memories, tell them how much you care and how special they are through a unique anniversary photo album slideshow.


What will be needed to create anniversary Slideshow:

1. Summer holiday pictures
2.Anniversary songs music (as background music)
3. Wodnershare DVD Slideshow Builder

Anniversary slideshow Making Part 1: Add Photo

you have 3 ways to add photos.
Double-click photo file: Add only one photo per time by double-clicking desired photo. Drag and Drop: After selecting single or multiple photos, drag and drop them to the Storyboard or Timeline.
Button: On one hand, you can select single or multiple photos in the Photo Explorer and click button "Add Photo" to add them to the Storyboard.

Anniversary slideshow Making Part 2: add style:

Simply drag your desired style to any position you want on Storyboard or Timeline.
if you add a style with number "6" in the bottom right corner, 6 photos will be combined into one segment showing the added style thumbnail in the far left corner of this segment.
Picking out style and previewing it will probably take a long time. To save your time, you could set style randomly by clicking the little triangle marker and select "Add Random Styles" item. Notice that this command won't take effect if every segment contains style.

Anniversary slideshow Making Part 3 : Create

Create your story into various formats of video in this step. You have following choices: DVD, MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP and MPEG-2. Only few clicks are needed and simple on-screen instructions help you preserve and share your story.
Before creating and burning DVD or creating videos in various formats, you could preview the entire story, if you are satisfied with it, start to configure options for DVD or Video by clicking corresponding buttons to the left side of the preview window, after which you can start to output your creation

Anniversary Slideshow Making Part 4. Upload video to YouTube

After you creating the MP4 file, login your YouTube ID, choose “Account" and click "Upload” button, and then select "Upload a video", write down your video title and description. It's better to enter tag for easily searched by others.


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