Thursday, August 6, 2009

how to make youtube album

This tutorial is mainly about how to make youtube album with youtube easy tool and broadcast on YouTube for sharing with more people and friends. You can make wedding youtube album, birthday youtube album, family reunion youtube album, etc, to record the precious days. what you need are digital photos and a youtube easy tool. I think Wondershare Photo Story Platinum is a easy tool to make youtube album.

The reasons why choose Photo movie story software are:

Support BMP / JPG / JPEG / PNG
Providing 200+ Hollywood movie styles ;
Enable to custom each style's duration time;
Decoration text and background music can be added ;
Various output formats including DVD, MP4, WMV,3GP and MPEG-2.


Step 1: Install youtube creator and import photos to the album

Install photo story platinum and the program will go to browser your computer's digital photos automatically. Then drag your digital photos to the storyboard(There is no quantity limitation of photos) and add music if you want to add a background music by click the "Add Audio" built-in button(Optional).

Step 2: Select photo movie styles for your youtube album

There are 700+ movie styles and transition effects that can be used for different occasions, such as wedding, birthday, product presentation, etc. Choose your favorite styles and drag it on the photos. Please be noted that each style has its matching numbers for photos. You can find the number in the down right on each style.

Style's duration time can be set by double click on the time under the style thumbnail when on Storyboard Tab. You can download more free styles by click the left down link on the Style Tab.

Step 3: Add decoration in your youtube album

Go to "Decoration Tab" to add decoration text, clipart and Effect on your digital photos. You can also add intro movie and credit movie for your photo story by click the "Inro/Credit " build-in button.

Step 4: Preview and save your youtube album

Go to "Publish" Tab, you can preview your youtube album by click the preview button first. Then publish it to the format you want. If you want to upload your youtube album, plase publish it to MP4, AVI, WMV or MPEG-2 formats, they all support YouTube and MPEG-2 is preferred. Recommended Resolution on YouTube: 1280 x 720 (16x9 HD) and 640 x 480 (4:3 SD)

Step 5: Broadcast your youtube album

After you creating the video file, login your YouTube ID, choose “Account" and click "Upload” button, and then select "Upload Video File ", write down your video title and description. It's better to enter tag for easily searched by others.



Gorgeous Intro/Credit animation effects to the youtube album can give people profound first impression. Click"Intro/Credit" to add it. You can also add your movie information, such as title, director, cast, etc, and set the text effects like movie style.

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  1. Thanks a ton it is a very good help, now to make youtube album is simple and easy with the help of your advice. Thank you