Monday, August 3, 2009

summer slideshow

Treasure up happy summer time, turn memorable summer holiday pictures into summer slideshow keepsake to protect your precious memory.
Step by step tutorial to turn summer holiday photos and pictures into summer slideshows with summer songs and music.
Good time always past fast! After having a summer holiday with my family, I've taken lots of photo.
Families by the pool, talking, eating and enjoying quality time together always be the best time in my life.
Now I am going to turn these summer holiday pictures that fulfilled with summer fun and happiness into a wonderful DVD slideshow and YouTube summer slideshows with summer songs to share it with my friends.

What will be needed to create Summer Holiday Slideshow:
1. Summer holiday pictures
2. Summer songs music (as background music)
3. slideshow movie maker

Summer slideshow making : Add Photo
Add only one photo per time by double-clicking desired photo.After selecting single or multiple photos, drag and drop them to the Storyboard or Timeline, which locates at the bottom of the interface.
All your photos and music files in your story are just represents of original files. All changes you make in Photo Story Platinum will not affect your original files.

summer slideshow

Summer slideshow Making : Edit Audio
In the events that your audio length is longer than your story, you may need to trim audio; sometimes you may let your audio fade in and/or fade out to be accordance with your story. All these settings could be done in Photo Story Platinum.

Summer slideshow making : Add Styles
In Style tab window, you can add various kinds of styles to make your story stylish. Different amounts of styles are available. The styles will make your story smooth and animated while changing to next photo. Furthermore, they will endow your story with special characteristic, especially using "Theme" styles.

summer slideshow

Summer slideshow making : Create
Create your story into various formats of video in this step. You have following choices: DVD, MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP and MPEG-2. Only few clicks are needed and simple on-screen instructions help you preserve and share your story.
Before creating and burning DVD with   Free DVD Menu Templates or creating videos in various formats, you could preview the entire story, if you are satisfied with it, start to configure options for DVD or Video by clicking corresponding buttons to the left side of the preview window, after which you can start to output your creation.
summer slideshow


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