Monday, August 17, 2009

jpeg dvd slideshow

This tutorial is mainly about how to burn JPEG image files to a regular data DVD,display JPEG images and JPEG DVD Slideshows through your DVD players manualy.

I love taking photos, and especially love taking photos for my family as well, wedding ceremony, birthday, family festival..., so many precious memorable days.

However, I am worried about how to store them in a better and safer way.
In general, if I am completely done working on them, I will keep saving files as JPEG files.
JPEG is the most common photo format used by digital cameras and other photographic image capture devices; The most common filename extensions for files employing JPEG compression are .jpg and .jpeg.

I keep my work on a hard drive and back it all up on a 2nd drive. I also keep DVDs of my important files, and all the originals I shoot when I do a job for a client. Also keep most my good JPEG files that way.

Both DVDs and CDs are good for archival JPEG file storage. The big difference is in the capacity: a CD can hold between 600 and 800 MB of information, while a DVD typically can hold about 4.7 GB.

You can either create a slide show or a data disc. The data disc is just a collection of jpeg files. The slideshow is a timed display of your pictures, possibly accompanied by music.

If you have a few dollars, I would recommend the use of a thumb drive. Those are made of solid state computer chips and are made lots of activity - adding files, subtracting files, and soon. And it fits in your pocket.

First, to make DVDs of your JPEG photos, you will need photo slideshow software. This software may have come packaged with your camera. You will also need Video editing software;
I would recommend first building a slide show in PowerPoint, share that with your friends and family ,and also use it as the foundation for your JPEG video DVD. Using transitions, sound, and effects for either individual slides or groups of slides.

Windows Movie Maker , included free in XP and Vista, helps to create AVI or WMA slideshows. Although it doesn’t natively burn DVDs playable by many DVD players, Windows Movie Maker has many powerful features (say exquisite effects) to magnetize users and adding DVD writing capabilities to Windows Movie Maker with inexpensive applications will figure it out. Using third-party software to turn the movie you made into DVDs.

Commercial apps wholly make for creating DVD slide shows:

Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 5 ($39.99) is famous and powerful software which includes a massive amount of slide-show-authoring options for photo DVDs. Nero has a 15-day trial for PhotoShow Deluxe, while the free PhotoDVD trial lets you create slide shows with up to 100 images. As a sub-product from Nero, it has highly stability on its writing capability.

  DVD Slideshow Builder($39.95), another professional and popular app that can create DVD photo slideshows ,photo movies,youtube slideshows and myspace slideshows with music. It provides a free trial version with Watermark on output, 30-day trial limitation. What it attracts me is the 200+trasition effects ,special themes and styles for different occasions and events.The output support MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP and MPEG-2,and create DVDs with built-in tools.

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