Wednesday, June 15, 2011

007 ultimate collection suits

Disc name: "007" ultimate collection suits

Awards: best quality repairing award

Reason: great masterpiece carefully produced by Rory.

"Roman holiday" "sunset boulevard" "north by northwest -" gone with the wind " "Indiana Jones" trilogy and "the Star Wars" trilogy, and other famous DVDS made Chinese fans familiar with a name - John Rowe.

Rory's LDI which uses 300 sets of apple G4 to do digital repairing has become an astonishing legend. So many computer enthusiasts desire a millions of dollars value super computer. However, their dream is hard to come true. They just can organize 500 "flashers" who hold their own computer and run the weather forecast for the program through LAN connections, in San Francisco university gymnasium. Contrast to the "flashers", LDI which was founded in 1988, repaired pictures transferred from the moon by Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 in 1970s for NASA, and applied for patent for this technology. With the valuable experience slipped out by over years and benefits rolled as snowballs, Rory’s LDI was gradually up-and-coming; the limelight completely covered the Canadian IMAX.

The technology content of film digital repairing is extremely high and it is very strict with hardware. So LDI not only accordingly comes up Software technology and applies patent but also acquires new machines.
In 2004, LDI bought the world top IMAGICA digital film scanner which was famous for swept "the Lord of the rings" trilogy.

After experienced more than 200 old pieces of work repairing, LDI who grasped the world top Digital repairing experiences was purchased into DTS in January 2005 - and officially renamed DTS Digital Images.

By film fans' contrast, "007" ultimate collection suits repaired by DTS Digital Images own quality picture and color were also corrected and the picture also passed to cut. This suit of repaired digital works would bully accounted for digital domain quite a long period by digital repairing. Because the film aging so fast that it is almost impossible to repair the film again in the future.

Area edition of the 007 "ultimate collection suit is divided into four volumes to be issued. Each volume owns Chinese subtitles. In addition, the DVD suit has rich tidbits content.

So prefect DVD suit did you own? If you want to buy one you have two chosen: you can buy it or you can use a DVD to iTunes converter to enjoy this film at first then decide to whether buy the expensive DVD suit.

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