Thursday, June 9, 2011

superman 14-disc ultimate suits

The best DVD suit-"superman" 14-disc ultimate suits

Awards: the best DVD suit

Reason: the biggest prize of a film - suit!

For a long time, superman is the NO.1 hero in the heart of the American people, however, with the ending of the cold war, American no longer needs to be protected by superman so the keen on superman also gradually cooling. Clark Kent also have a chance to come himself back and the era of personal heroism has gone.

The American people, after experienced the September 11 terrorist attacks, were ergo to own their own protector in their spiritual, so the superman came back again. In 2006,"superman returns" directed by Brian Singh makes the hero return to the heart of people. At the same time, Warner also motivational arranged to produce DVDs a series of "superman”. It is exactly to fans extremely after many of the details about the superman suit 14-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition were released at the end of 2006.

1-2-disc is double disc edition about "superman returns"; 3-6-disc is 4-disc special edition about superman; 7-8-disk is double disc special edition about “superman sequel"; 9-disc is Richard Donald's cut edition about "superman sequel"; 10-disc is deluxe edition about "superman iii"; 11-disc is deluxe edition of the fourth set; 12-disc is documentary about "look! God: superman legend story"; 13, 14-disc is the Film Highlights of the series of superman. Besides, there are gifts such as the 7th comics of superman, brochures about superman's profiles and 5 posters etc. This DVD suite succeeded in not only the quantity of works but also the excellent of manufacture. "Superman sequel"-Richard Donald's cut gained an excellent reputation in the United States.

Do you move? What's more, if you want to share them with your friends at first, you can follow this article which tells you how to convert DVD to. Now don't you feel it is expensive? Enjoy your "superman"!

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