Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WWE survey on potential DVD releases

New WWE survey on potential DVD releases

WWE issued a analysis to their commitment account on Friday gluttonous acknowledgment on abeyant DVD releases. Included in the account of academic DVD capacity were some absorbing names.

-- Out of the 24 capacity appropriate in the survey, 16 were focused on alone stars or groups of stars. Included in the options were Sting, Brock Lesnar, Bruno Sammartino, and the NWO.

The blow of the account included "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, Randy Orton, Edge, Triple H, Jerry Lawler, C.M. Punk, The Miz, "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, Gorgeous George, and the Divas.

The actual eight options were focused on events, including: "The Greatest Moments at Madison Square Garden," "The Brutal History of the I Quit Match, "The Money in the Bank Anthology," "Tough Enough, Season 1 Hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin," "The Best of Shotgun Saturday Night," "The Best of Tuesday Night Titans," "Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Compilation, and "King of the Ring."

After selecting absorption in anniversary of the 24 options, surveyors were asked which three they were best absorbed in.

-- The abutting allotment of the analysis asked: "Which of the afterward agreeable would absorption you the best in a abeyant Superstar-specific WWE home ball DVD or Blu-ray disc?"

(1) Documentary about the Superstar's activity story

(2) Behind the scenes footage of the Superstar abroad from the ring

(3) A accumulating of the Superstar's career-spanning matches

-- The abutting allotment of the analysis was to barometer absorption in the assorted digitized libraries WWE owns the rights to. The catechism read: "How absorbed are you in purchasing DVDs or Blu-ray discs from the afterward WWE libraries?

Part 1: WCW, ECW (original), AWA , WCCW (World Class), Florida Championship Wrestling, Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

Part 2: The '70s, Rock 'n' Wrestling (Hulkamania), The Attitude Era.

-- WWE again asked surveyors which of WWE's four affected movies appear beneath the fresh amalgam archetypal they accept purchased. This was followed by a catechism allurement which means surveyors watch movies with several options, including on-Demand, adamantine archetype purchase, rental, Redbox kiosk, Netflix, etc.

-- The final catechism was on added topics/concepts surveyors would like to see in a approaching WWE DVD release.

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