Sunday, June 19, 2011

PDF Converter tips tricks

The use of PDF converter software has been increasing over by day. It is a known fact that the software has a user of over 3 million. The software can be used to create, view, edit or secure the file. The software is so easy to use that it can be used for anything like invoice, pay slips, documents etc. The PFC files can be protected from unauthorized change by anyone. All the format of the document whether it is word, excel sheet or reports can be converted into PDF files.

To view any document across different platform whether it is Mac, Linux or Microsoft Windows the documents are converted to PFD files. Unlike any other files the PDF files cannot be modified without your permission since it can be password protected.
There is a number of software that can be used for converting PFD files into any format or vice versa. A few of them are discussed as below.

Universal Converter Software can be used to convert any kind of documents to PDF documents. The software is available fee on the internet. It is available as a printer dialogue box. Once a file is opened in say MSWord, Select the print option in the file tab and choose the Universal Converter software and select the profile of the document needed such as Document to PDF. The conversion of the file begins as soon as the ok button is pressed.
PDFcamp Printer converts any kind of printable documents into PDF files with a click of a button. Thus the sharing of any document becomes very convenient between users. The creation of PDF files becomes very easy as the software is installed in the computer like a printer driver.

VeryPDF PDF Editor is designed for users who are familiar with MS Word or similar application. It is also very easy to use. Comments to the PDF files can be added very easily and can it can be shared with others. The texts can be added or edited in the file very easily and in any fonts. The text can also be corrected for spelling mistakes or delete the word completely. You can do all sorts of operation with the text.
Free Text to PDF Converter does not depend on Acrobat or Acrobat reader application. Unlike others this software supports command line operation. Converting any text to PDF can be done very easily as it can be called from any application. It is supported across all windows systems.

PDF Editor Toolkit has the ability to create and edit PDF documents. The PDF files can be easily edited deleted encrypted with this software.

PDF Split-Merge allows the file to be split into different pages or save each page as a new file. Multiple PDF files can be merged or select page from more than one file.
PDF2Word enable the user to export the content of the PDF file into word documents. Thus all the content whether it is bitmap, text or layout is preserved in the word document. This software does not require Adobe Acrobat, MS Word as it is standalone software.

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