Monday, June 20, 2011

Online Video Recording Capturing Software

Online Video Recording/Capturing Software

Nowadays the need for saving streaming video from internet has been increasing due to the abundant resources of video hosting sites. There are three common ways to capture the online streaming video; they are making use of websites, Firefox add-on, and Commercial Software

The videos available in video hosting websites such as YouTube and Dailymotion will be presented in the Flash Video (FLV) format, so these videos cannot be captured with a mouse right-click. Many websites use this Flash Video format as this will makes highly-compressed streaming possible with good quality.

For helping out the user in solving this problem, some websites are available that allows the users to capture the online video from those video hosting sites. For that the user should provide the video links to the websites. Now the videos will be uploaded to those sites. But the uploaded video will be in Flash Video format. From there, you can save the video to your desktop. But for viewing that video, you should have a software that converts the video in FLV format to your desired format.

Mozilla Firefox is one of popular web browsers that will allow you to capture online videos by using an additional add-on. Download and install the Firefox browser. After downloading the browser, you can download the add-ons used for capturing from the Mozilla add-ons site. You can choose between different types of add-ons. Each add-on has its unique feature. After downloading the add-ons, install the add-ons in the browser. Once you download this add-on, download option will be enabled when the video is being watched.

Many software are available in the market facilitating users to capture the online streaming video files.This software can be used to capture videos streaming on some video hosting sites such as Youtube and Dailymotion and also streaming online TV. Also this software enables computer users download steaming video or online TV when being watched without any additional click or task. By using this software, you can download different formats of online video.
Also high definition video can be captured and quality of the video can be ensured.AVI movies can be directly captured from your monitor, and can be used for tutorials, software training, software presentations, and official demos. This software supports sound, text annotations, and screen notes, which would be useful for creating automated software demos. Prior to capture video, you can select the desired Frame rate and compression quality.

Also some software allows you to capture the online video on your Mac or iPod. The software should be started before starting to surf the Web, so that all online videos available in the opened page in a web browser can be automatically captured. You can also easily trim a portion of captured video, and easily join captured video and audio files into single continuous movie.

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