Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Store DVD

How to Properly Store Your DVD

Dvds are a great storage medium for virtually all types of files. They allow easy portability of media files and data as well as word documents. Dvds however have short shelf lives, if they are not properly stored.

Why do you need to store your DVDs?
Dvd storage can help you keep a database of your files outside your computer system for added security. Computer systems are prone to break downs and you could lose all your information when your system crushes. Storing your information in dvd format guaranteed that you always have them in the event that your computer crushes.
Dvds are however quite fragile when it comes to handling them. They are likely to acquire scratches with constant handling and eventually get damaged if they are not properly stored.

How to store DVDs
The best way to ensure that the dvd surface containing the burnt information is protected is by placing the dvd in a dvd sleeve when it is not in use. Placing the dvd in a sleeve is not enough to guarantee protection to the dvd. How you store the dvd in the sleeve is also important when it comes to protecting the dvd from damage. The dvd placed in sleeves should be stored in a cabinet dedicated for dvd storage to reduce the amount of interference and friction they would get if placed say on a coffee table and constantly moved.

How to further protect your DVDs from damage
You can further protect your dvds by exercising caution when handling them. Avoid unnecessarily touching the surface containing the burnt information because it is the most important part of your dvd. When handling the dvd carry it by the placing a finger through the cylindrical hole in the middle which limits the likelihood of touching the burnt side. Place the dvd burnt side up, when you are not immediately using it but would like to use it in a short time, or simply leave the dvd in its sleeve until you are ready to use it. Avoid rubbing the dvd against any surface which may inflict scratches on the dvd surface.

What should you do with damaged DVDs?
Damaged dvds should be discarded. A wise move would be to make several copies of your data in dvds to increase the protection accorded to your files. If any dvd gets damaged at any instance it has served its purpose and should simply be discarded.

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