Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FLV Converter

What is an FLV Converter?
In order to understand what an FLV Converter is, let us first get to know what FLV is. FLV simply stands for Flash Video. It is a common format of Video and many of us have heard of it, especially on You Tube. It is the easiest and best method of uploading a video, that is if you are not interested in others downloading or editing it. With an FLV encoder, you can easily create Flash Videos and share them on the web.
FLV is also pretty common because Flash Player is widely available and is preinstalled in many computers. And even if it isn’t it can easily be installed as it requires very less space and time to be downloaded.
Now although FLV is a famous video format, yet many of us still require changing this format into other forms of video. It is not because FLV is not preferred but because it does not allow some features, like editing, downloading etc; or it could also be simply because you want to change the format of your favorite video into one which can be watched on your mobile.
Some More Facts on FLV Converter
• The FLV Converter is a free software presented by Windows for the successful conversion of a Macromedia Flash FLV format into different kinds of video formats that there are for example on the desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, removable devices and other audio players like mp3 players.
• The “.flv” format file can be converted into any one of the following formats: mpeg-1, mpeg-2, avi, mov, mp3, mp4 or other suitable formats for ipod, iPhone and psp. You don’t even need to worry about converting a video to a completely audio format like mp3; because the converter is only going to convert the audio stream present in the FLV.
• Another good thing about the FLV converter is that it can be downloaded as a single exe file, if you want to carry it in a usb removable device. This feature is quite useful as it does not require complete installation procedure and will serve your purpose if you are always on the move. The FLV Converter can also be downloaded as a portable or standalone version.
• If you want to download a good FLV converter to your computer then make sure to browse a bit over the net. This is because some of the FLV converters are really user friendly and many of their basic operations are listed right on the toolbar. So for all of those users who aren’t computer whiz, this feature might be really helpful. In the good FLV converters you can even convert or queue multiple FLV files for conversion to save time. You won’t be able to find this quality in even the commercial applications.
• FLV converter is also a safe and clean application, as it does not connect to the internet and doesn’t contain any malware in it. And of course it is also free of charge.

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