Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free CD DVD Burning Software

Ignition The Free CD DVD Burning Software

Ignition is a free CD/DVD burning program for Windows, which can record or burn files on CD/DVD. If you want to burn files on discs, this CD/DVD burning software will help you a lot. Ignition is easy to use, completely free, and useful.

Ignition allows us to set the maximum size for the empty disk, with Ignition you can burn music CD/DVD, Data discs and ISO files.

Ignition interface is quite friendly, you can find the panel, and you can just add all the files and folders by dragging them into the program. To get best arrangement for files on discs, you need to select all the files and destination folders that you want to burn, and specify disk capacity. Ignition can support CDs, DVD, and dual layer DVDs, even ISO files, despite of the type of recording that is, CD or DVD, audio, data, etc.
Ignition makes best arrangement for selected media files, create separate folder for each disc, and copy files there so that you can directly burn the folder to disc.

On the other hand you can use Ignition to arrange files on disc, and burn with free CD/DVD burners. It’s really convenient take full advantage of disk spaces.

Ignition helps you saving space by optimizing the way files are placed on the CDs/DVDs. If your backup fits on several DVDs, it will offer manual files organization immediately. with a better organization of the files you could save space, time and money.

Ignition key features:

* Support 650 Mb CDs, Burn CDs/DVDs /Dual Layer DVDs
* Create ISO image files
* Folders for separate optimized CD/DVD
* Create a TXT file of the disc's content.
* Put a bunch of files on every media
* Burn CDs/DVDs

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