Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DVD Player

With the help of DVD Player, you can run your favourite audio and video tracks with much more flexibility and with wide range of customization of sounds and movies.

You must check the following basic criteria in you DVD Player:
1. User friendly Interface
2. Video quality
DVD Player that controls the color and texture of video should be preferred.
3. Sound quality
You must check the various sound effect produced in it.
4. Extensive Features
Your DVD Player should be able to run movies of any video format compatible with your system.
5. Help and support

Some of the most common DVD Player available on the internet are discussed as below:
1. Power DVD
Cyberlink Power DVD is the topmost Movie and Media player. This DVD player is one in all an integrated player. You can play DVDs, any video file format, audio tracks, view pictures from one media player. You can use different skins inbuilt and have a direct access to online Movie database. You can share your videos using You Tube, hence making your videos online. If you want to create 3D movie, then first convert 2D pictures to 3D and then create a movie slideshow.
2. Win DVD
WinDVD is a easy to use DVD player that supports that supports the features of a standard DVD Player with Dolby Virtual Speakers and Dolby Headphone.

3. AVS Media Player
You can open video files of multiple formats including MPEG format, WMV format, MP4 format, AVI etc. Also, you get listen to sound tracks of various formats like MP3 file, AMR file, WAV etc. It can be installed and executed in Windows 7, XP, Win 2003 and even Vista, but cannot run in Mac OS or Linux.
3. Blaze DVD
This player is not only a DVD player but also a VCD player. It supports mostly all video format such as WMV, DAT, WAV, AVI, MOV, RM, MP4 etc. You can capture the images from the running movie and edit them as well. It runs well in Windows 7, Vista, Win XP platforms. It can convert your files into MP4 so that they can get executed in mobile phones and smart phones.
Some of the unique features of this DVD player are listed below:
a. The Auto-resume inbulid feature saves your time in viewing the movie right from the very beginning. Instead you are automatically brought into the last viewed position of the movie.
b. The PIP (Picture in picture) feature helps you to watch two different movies at the same time and hence saving your time.
c. It has different viewing screens Normal display,letterbox,pan and scan and lastly full screen widescreen.
d. The Dolby 5.1 features allows you to get 5.1 channel sound around.

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  1. DVD player has become one of the fastest growing components in home theater. It provides far better resolution than either a VHS or cable television. It also can deliver incredible discreet six channel sound. Thanks a lot.