Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DVD Movie Review Fortress

DVD Review: Fortress

It's days in the one-room schoolhouse in an Australian outback. Both the young instructor, Rachel Ward (The Thorn Birds, Towards All Chances), telephone calls her quality to purchase. It is actually one day as if any other until both the unexpected comes. 4 masked gunmen fail into the schoolhouse, kidnap the instructor and her quality and convey these people to the country. Terrorized and abandoned, both the victims arrived to be able to a surprising realization - only they save themselves on an approximately some death

Fortress is just one of a number of 80s shows that I knew through reputation but make never really finded, so on I heard Mediumrare were arrival the film upon DVD this week I certainly jumped around the chance to see both the film - and also I’m considerably glad I accomplished. Fortress officially lives off to its character and is actually one superb instance of great 80s exploitation/revenge shows. In one name (or 3), I LOVED this

Like all good exploitation/revenge movies the line between good and evil – in this case the kidnappees and the kidnappers – is blurred, leading to a fantastic and creepy final scene which make you call into question everything that you believe(d) about Sally and her students…

Between the chance of violence and also rape, the creepy cat masks both the kidnappers put on, some quick nudity from Rachel Ward and the fabulous (if just a little gory) deaths around the movie there’s lots to recommend on Fortress. And offer this I do - Fortress is actually most definitely both the MUST-BUY of all on which weeks movies

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