Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Record Online Video

Recording online videos nowadays is becoming very easy thanks to the different software tools available free and of charge, that allow you to capture online video following some very easy steps.
Nowadays many videos on the internet are available for downloading and by using suitable software and knowing how to perform the correct formatting you can easily download your required video from the net.
The procedure to download a video online is
Ø Firstly decide on software that you are going to use to download the video, install it read the requirements and after you decide which video you going to download open the software.
Ø There may be some settings required before you launch the software and start downloading the video from the net. You can click on the settings option and select video recording and choose from the options available or you can always go for the default settings preinstalled in the software.
Ø Go online on the video that you require to download and open it, once the video starts playing the software program automatically detects the video and starts downloading it on your computer. Once the recording starts it will continue even if you close the page you were viewing the video on. Different software allows different number of videos that can be downloaded simultaneously on your computer. Mostly all software allow 20 videos to be downloaded at a time but the speed of you internet connection is of vital importance at this stage.
Ø Once the videos are downloaded you will then require converting them on other media player types. There are many powerful and easy conversion functions available on different softwares using which you can convert the video into AVI, WMV, MP4, MPG, IPOD, PSP. FLV, 3GP etc using which you can further use the videos on your Zune, iPod, iPhone and other convenient and portable media players.

These are the simple steps using which downloading videos is no more a hassle, provided the software you are using is
ü High quality software providing excellent speed and the captured video is of prime quality
ü Allows downloading of videos from any site on the net. Downloading from YouTube, MSN, Myspace, Google, Yahoo and other TV channels online should be smooth and easy on the software.
ü The software you use should also support batch recording that is it should allow multiple video downloading at a time and recording videos from the net should be automatic, by detecting and recording the videos online without manual interaction.
ü The software that you use should be powerful in terms of converting the videos in whatever format you require and should be compatible with various media player formats. The built in function of the software should be capable of converting the video in different formats including MOV, M4V, 3GP and others that are compatible with your media players.

Downloading videos from the net is easy provided the right type of software is used and it contains all the functions required in downloading a top class online video.

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