Monday, June 27, 2011

Data recovery

Data recovery
aMember is a PHP script which supports the management of membership and subscription. This is a flexible PHP script. This is widely used for making online transaction. This is user friendly, has nice interface and easy functionality.

In order to connect users database with third-party scripts aMember Pro supports some integration plugins. Supported integration plugins are: 4Images, @Mail, AutoresponsePro, aWeber, Coppermine, Dokeos, Dolphin, DruPal, e107, eFront, Expression engine, FudForum, FusionBB, GeekLog, HiveMail, IceCast, iDevAffiliate, Indexu, Invision Power Board, Joomla, Kayako eSupport, ListMail Pro, Mambo CMS, Moodle, Open Realty, OsCommerce, PerlDesk, Phorum, PhotoPost, phpBB, phpFox plugin, phpList Integration, PHPMatchMaker, phpMyChat, phpNuke, phpWeb Site, PostNuke, punBB, Serendipity, SigmaChat, SimpleMachines, Typo3, Vanilla, Integration, vBulletin, WordPress, WowBB, WSNLinks, X-cart, Xaraya, XOOPS.

There are lots of features for which user can make easy decision to get aMember Pro. The basic features are as follows:
Integration of multiple payment systems. Simultaneous multiple payment systems access supported.
Supports multiple languages. Translated to English, Swedish, German, French, Dutch, Russian and Spanish.
Has Built-in password sharing prevention system.
Has built-in affiliate program (2-tier) to support with recurring commissions.
Has an interface for special cookie login which enables the members to login, renew subscription, review payments.
Web based administration is easy. All management can be made through user's browser.
Has protection plugins. Using these plugins the script handles authorization.
Supports addition of other plugins to provide integration with forums, customer support software etc.
Allow free installation.
Allows free trial which is downloadable.

aMember Pro has been built with the concern of maximum user friendly interface and latest services to end user. User level features are as follows:
Signups and expirations are automated.
During signup user can check whether his/her user name is unique.
Users can allow system to generate automatic usernames and passwords.
Stand-alone user management system can be implemented without having payment system
System checks whether the signup form fields care correct or not. Even a custom checking policy can be added.
The login form can be customized. Users can get rid of annoying popup login window.
Protection is assured for any content (file, video, directory etc.)
Subscription types can be of different types, each with different prices according to its functionality.
Automated account expiration is enabled. Memberships are terminated automatically after these are expired. However expired members will have access to visit their member profile pages and renew their pending subscriptions
Visitors with the same username/password are automatically identified. If the configured limit is about to exceed, the account is instantly disabled.
Send e-mails with the username/password to the customer after completion of signup.
Send e-mails to the customer when (before or after รข€“ configurable) their subscription expires
Send e-mails to customers when their payment is incomplete.
Members have access to change their profile information, such as password, address, phone number, email etc.
Send e-mails upon request to customers about forgotten password. Previous password is generally sent. Newly generated temporary password can be configured to be sent.

aMember Pro has not only promised to give better services to the users/customers but also proved itself to give the admins certain privileges. Admin level features are as follows:
Admin control panel is easy and powerful.
Group e-mail sending to customers. This e-mail can be sent to expired customers as well as customers who subscribed particular product.
Search members by username, email, name, subscription type (product) and/or by other strings used in the customer profile.
Manually add members
Manually and add subscriptions for targeted members.
Manually select desired start & expiration date for particular subscribed product of particular user/customer.
The script can generate its own access and error log.
System can generate customized reports.

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