Monday, June 20, 2011

DVD ripping

DVD ripping is a technical term for extracting data from removable media like the audio CDs; its formal term is Digital Audio Extraction when it is copying an audio or a video content to the hard drive. DVD Rio is a freeware Windows program that could automatically operates by transferring data from the removable media to the hard drive. Just insert the DVD, run the software and it will take care of everything it is created to do. It comes as a convenient executable software with nothing to install. Dragging the DVD Rip.exe file to where ever you want it to be in your hard drive ( drive C:\Program Files\DVD Rip\ is recommended) and it is in your system accessible whenever you want to use it.

Besides extracting DVD tracks to Motion Picture Editor’s Guild (MPEG) or Audio Video Interleave (AVI) files, burning VCDS or Super VCDs is made convenient. It also allowed the user to easily extract, discard, or merge distinct chapters. The user can make his movie settings customizing the movie’s codec, frame sizes, subtitles and audio tracks. DVD Rip is a featured DVD program for copying written in Perl and offers a user friendly with property enhanced parameter to control and track the ripping and transcoding throughout the process. Most DVD Rips capacity range from 300 MB in (MP4 rips) size to 1.36 GB (2 CD releases with AC3 audio) with larger quality releases comparable to the full DVD it was ripped off from.

Testing of this software was as impressive as the benefits it provides. The task base interface was very user friendly and convenient. Just click if you need all other settings of the data being ripped or just the main movie wanted. The user can select languages tracks and / or subtitles too. Its conversion engine consists of four various modes of conversion: The whole Title / Chapters, Chapter Merging, Chapter Splitting, and the Time Range. The software automatically senses all DVD parameters and limits the list of settings which makes DVD Backup a simple and convenient task. The batch job engine allows each title or chapter its distinct settings apart from the others.
Earlier distribution of the DVD Rip is limited to ripping DVDs only complete with the parameters to the hard drive. It is sufficient functionality for the purpose of data transfer; but some people would want to maximize the functionality and bring it to another level by copying the DVD to a blank DVD. This software performs very well on Vista and XP operating systems. However, there are two main design disadvantages that are beyond control for achieving accurate Rips: Removal media (DVDs) does not give a dependable stream of data from the CD to the hard drive; and the data read from a DVD might not be the exact reproduction of what was ripped.

Techies are very impressed of what this digital tool can do. It is so impressive that for those searching for a convenient and hassle free DVD Ripper, DVD Rip software is the highly recommended application. You will like it too.

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